4 Best Touch Screen Watches for Men

Touch screen displays in all gadgets seems to be the in thing and all the watch companies seem to have recognized this demand for the touch screen display and are coming up with watches that have futuristic designs and a touch screen display. These watches no doubt look splendid and to add to it they also are loaded with features. Touch screen watches give a feel of being transported into the future like we have been transported to 2080 and that is really cool. Here are some of the best touch screen watches for men that are presently available in the market. 

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC9028 touch screen watch

Kenneth Cole is known to produce watches that are timeless beauties and this one is a perfect example of that. The watch is a perfect example of this. The watch has a circular dial and a metallic finish. It looks like a time keeping machine from the future and the touch screen experience of the watch is just great. The watch is based on the Japanese digital quartz that is incorporated with the digi-touch technology.
It can bear water pressure till a depth of 99 feet and has many other features that are sure to floor you. This watch is available in a combination of silver and black and it comes in a stainless steel casing.
Tissot Men’s Sea Touch Quartz Chronograph watch
Tissot is another world renowned company when it comes to watches and this watch also has a rounded dial, just that it is white in colour. The watch is also made of stainless steel and it comes in a stainless steels encasing as well.The dial window of the watch is made of anti reflective sapphire and the watch is based on Swizz quartz. The watch has a water resistant depth of 330 feet. It has a luminous dial and thus is fit for night viewing as well. You can find great deals for this watch on wewood and fossil.

Nixon Synapse Watch
Among the watches that I have listed this is the most beautiful one. Not just that, it is loaded with features as well. The Nixon Synapse Watch, unlike most other watches has a dot matrix font and the dial is not shaped round. It has an octagonal touch screen display that displays they time for different time zones simultaneously.The watch is available in metallic hues, that is, black, gunmetal grey and golden. The watch is made of stainless steel that is mixed with hardened metallic crystal. The USP of this watch is that they touch screen display of the watch does not catch fingerprints.

Kenneth Cole Rubber Strap Touch Screen watch
Here is another touch screen watch from the stable of Kenneth Cole. This watch has a sportier look than the other watches that I have listed, as it has a rubber strap rather that a metallic bracelet. This wrist watch has the ability to display the time of 32 cities and also has a backlight that makes viewing the watch in low light conditions, easy. The watch is water resistant and comes in a stainless steel case. There are many other side features such as timer, alarm clock etc that is present in the watch.

These are the best touch screen watches that are available for men at present. These watches suit all ages and categories of men and any of them will be a perfect choice for a man with a fetish for the latest gizmos and gadgets.
Guest Post by: Linda


Linda is always on the look out for new gadgets that can improve our life. At WeightLossTriumph she promotes a coupon code for Fossil. Founded in 1984, Fossil designs, develops, markets, and distributes watches.

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