5 Best Websites to Easily Learn English Online

English is internationally adopted language so all people try to learn English.
But they are confused how to learn English rapidly and in effective way because there are many ways to learn English and improve their English, such as to hire a tutor, to go to the English learning institute, to go to the school, to take an online course, and so on. And the most effective and cheapest way to learn English is online course. For this you need just a personal computer or a laptop with internet connection. For online learner of English here are few best site to learn English are:

1. Language.com
This site is for beginner and having the courses for different country like Chinese, French people. And it also have dictionary and writing exercise tests etc.

2. Funeasyenglish.com
This mainly focuses on the basics of English and also comprises teaching tips. Its course includes grammer, idioms, slang, writing tests and much more. Most attractive part of this site is that courses are in video format for student and teacher. No need of login.

3. Go4english.com
This site is maintained, updated and owned by British Council, which is the UK’s international cultural relation body. The website offers learning information and tests for teachers, student and kids. You can learn English online while you are taking a test, listening to a song, or even playing a game.To make full use of this website you have made account which is free.

4. Vocabushi.com
VocabSushi is for professional learning means for those who want to learn vocabulary with real world, contextual example found in daily news. Login is required for user to access this site fully.

5. Busuu.com
This site is for many languages to learn including English. It provides a few courses, including writing exercise, vocabulary, training, note making preci writing, and so on. Beside courses, one can learn English by joining the community, and chat with other members. Login is mandatory.

By using these sites you can make your command in English language and you can able to speak in front of many people.

Guest Post by: Amul Patwal

Amul Patwal is a B.Tech Engineering Student who love to play computers games, surfing Internet and do creative things.

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