How to Make a Perfect Twitter Account

Doing Tweet through Twitter is the common trend of today world. Everyone from small person to big one use Twitter to express his view, thought, ideas and putt comment on it. The most impressive thing about Twitter is that you can use any style of language from rude to humor, simple to hard. The another thing about Twitter is that you can make your followers which show your popularity in this world. Most of the of celebrity from Bollywood to Hollywood, Footballer to cricketer use Twitter daily and checking their follower numbers.

If you want to popular in Twitter world and make our profile like celebrity profile then make your follower list long and strong by simply implement the point given below and soon you will have an account with long follower list.

Your profile picture Don’t put cat, baby and flowers picture as your display picture it is old trend, keep a picture with an attitude and classy, having a look on your face which shows interest and disinterest. Picture showing tattooed skin must work wonder for you.

Make your hobbies We neglect our hobbies when we make our profile in social network, but your hobbies also play a major role for attract other to your profile. So, make your hobbies even if you don’t like certain things.

Tweet intellectually and ReplyTweet regularly if you don’t tweet regularly then you can’t achieved your goal. Put intellectual tweet which show your presence of mind. Try to say something deep but in simple and in few words. Retweet and reply to only selected ones, if you reply the masses you lose the charm of exclusivity, be choosy when you tweet.

Always check following and follower ratio The ratio of following and follower must be in 6:1, that mean follow one people for every six followers you get. This means you are cool one and people need to be around you.

We know that making a huge number of followers list in Twitter is not a easy task, its totally depend upon you that how to present yourself. If you concentrate on these points when you make a Twitter account then surely they work for you.   

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

+Itender Rawat is editor-in-chief and owner of DigitFox. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CG Artist Loves to create 3D models and objects.

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