5 Best Websites for Free English Music Lyrics

English Song lyrics search is a tedious and frustrating job sometime it is worst experience to find the lyrics of your favorite English song. There are many sites available for searching English song lyrics.

Over 50 popular lyrics site were put to test and there are 5 sites that I recommend you to consider while searching for lyrics of your favorites songs.
1. MetroLyrics.com:
a)  It consist the current song lyrics and hit by most no of user daily.
b)  Rating and information on number of time searched is most attractive feature.
c)  Result can be sorted by album or individual song.
2.  SeekLyrics.com:
a)  It is best for searching old song lyrics.
b)  And the user interface is simple and easy to access.
3. LyricsSearchEngine.org:
a) The interface is very simple and easy to use.
b) It is recommended for current albums and songs.
c)  Not suitable for searching classic song.
d)  Popularity charts showing the current hits by the user.
4. LyricsPlanet.com:
a)  Lyrics of old and current can be easily available in this site.
b)  The home page is simple to understand and you can easily find the song by name.
c)  The song can easily find by the name of artist and by the title of song.
5. Lyrics.com:
a) Presented with clean, impressive design with minimum ads.
b) Great community to communicate with other.
c) Current releases, hits, most popular song are easily available.
Out of these sites in the above list lyrics.com is best site for searching the lyrics. I assured you that you will definitely find the lyrics of your favorite songs on above mentioned site. 

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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