7 Best Apps for Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome store is the place where you find huge collection of themes, extension and applications under different category such as Games, Multimedia, Education, Utility etc, put by developers. They are paid or free to download. Like Apple iOS or Google Android Store, it is also give some handy and useful application for chrome users which increase the browsing experience online as well as offline.

Here we bring you some of the best application out of the Google Chrome store which gives you a whole new experience of web browsing.

TweetDeck TweetDeck is your all in one social media hub, by which you can stay in touch with your contacts of Facebook and Twitter. It show you everything at once and make you up-to date.

Angry Birds Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded application from Chrome Store and the number of download increase day by day. You can play this game inside the browser and enjoyed it offline as well.

Snapdeal Snapdeal.com is a leading online service provided site which deals in lifestyle services, products and travels deals across the India. Snapdeal gives the opportunity to its user to try out new products and places at low price and risk.

Habnox Audiotool If you love music and want to create something amazing then this tool is very handy for you simply because this application contains almost all the music editing tool and effect inside the browser.

Chimpoo Chimpoo is a application for kids, it is fun. Online virtual universe where kids can enjoy and play. Online chat inside the browser make this game interactive.

Springpad Springpad is a online note-saving and organizing application, By using this app you can save notes, bookmark, movies schedules and much more. You can sort and tags clips into various notebook and access your note from any browser.

Aviary image editorAviary is a free image editing application which offers essential image-editing tools. This tool is great for those who have basic image-editing skills.

These applications are the few of the Google Chrome store but they are best in their class.You can get these apps from Google Chrome Store. Simply search for your favorite app in the search bar. These apps enrich your browsing experience. Besides these applications you can find many other useful applications according to your taste.  

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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