New Sony Playstation Vita Review and Specifications

PlayStation Vita is the new product introduced by the Sony in market. It is a handheld gaming device dedicated to a serious or non serious gamers.Sony makes PlayStation Vita more better, powerful and convenient from its predecessor PlayStation Portable in term of looks, hardware and performance which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable and exiting. In other word we say that this device brings PS3 experience in your hand.
Now here we take a look on its feature which make this device noteworthy:-

BUILT QUALITY – In PSP Sony use cheaper material to bring the price of the device lower. But Vita build quality is better then its predecessor it neither too heavy nor too light and it also larger in size than PSP which feel just right in your hand.

SCREEN – Vita have 5-inch 16:9 OLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 960×544 which is bright, crisp and perform well under direct sunlight. Absence of Gorilla glass protection make some worry for buyer, so buy screen protector with this device.

CONTROLLER – Their is one noticeable change Sony done on this device i.e. a two analog stick, unlike the PSP which have only one analog stick. These analog stick feel just like the analog sticks on the the PS3 controller. All button are well placed.

HARDWARE – Hardware is the main USP of this device which bring the gaming experience to the PS3 level. It is powered by ARM cortex A9 core(4 core) CPU with 5GX543MP4+ GPU.

GAMES – In game front their is only two title Uncharted: Golden Abyss and FIFA are come out for this device which gives full gaming experience and use full potential of its hardware.

PRICE – PlayStation VIta(Wi-Fi)- Rs19990 and PlayStation Vita(Wi-Fi + 3G)- Rs24990

PlayStation Vita is truly a gaming beauty made by Sony. This device surly not made for those people that place games on their smartphone. This device is design for the hardcore gamer who  love playing games.If you are hardcore gamer and want a powerful device for gaming then this device is made for you.


Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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