How to Install your WordPress Blog on Hostgator

Web Hosting plays a vital role for any website especially for WordPress Blogs. You can find hundreds of companies which are providing web space for WordPress blogs and websites. Now days Hostgator is the first love of Bloggers. Mostly in Indian people are going for Hostgator India to create their blogs and sites, this is because it provide an awesome service in US as well as in India. 

In our point of view this can be the best Hosting service with great support. Also you can found various discount coupons time to time which is the best feature of this Web Hosting Company. The installation is quite easy with many one click install services like Fantastico and uick Install. 

Mostly newbies search for the tutorial to install WordPress blogs on the Hostgator web hosting. Here is the simple tutorial to complete the process. We are using the Quick Install method for installtion. This is a very easy procedure and recommended by many experts.

Please follow the simple steps to complete the installation:

Simply Sign in to your Hostgator Hosting Control Panel (cPanel). You will find a WordPress logo with text : ”QuickInstall WordPress for your Site” at the left column of the page and click on it to go on the installation page.
Here you will find the Page to continue your installation. Now hit the continue button ( see the screenshot for better understanding).
Now enter the domain name where you want to install WordPress application. Leave the second box blank( this is for root directory installation). Also provide the details like Admin email, Blog title and your Full Name and hit the Install Now button at the bottom. 
It will take some minutes to complete full installation. After that you will get your login details like admin name and your password in you email. Now you can use WordPress on your Hostgator Hosting. Check your logging page on:

If you find this tutorial Helpful, you can share it with your fellow Bloggers. This method is also applicable in Hostgator India Web Hosting. Stay Tuned with us for more updates on Blogging. Have a Great Day!

Itender Rawat
Article By Itender Rawat

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