Going Mobile Can Help Business Growth for Insurance Companies

With the growth of smart phone users, application development has not only become more common; it has become a significant contributor to the profitability of a business. Having applications developed can increase customer interaction with a company, increase brand awareness, and spur new potential clients to make a purchase. When it comes to insurance companies, applications can offer a variety of services and features for new and old customers alike; while also offering benefits to individuals who are not yet customers of the company.
Obtaining a branded smartphone application could be one of the best things to happen to an insurance company. In light of the above, price comparison company MoneySupermarket has come with UK’s first free app for car insurance for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets. With access to over 100 different car insurance providers, you can now compare thousands of car insurance quotes. Furthermore, you can even save your details to the app and use “click to call” feature to enquire about a specific insurance quote. Customers using this app have reported to save an average of £374.93 on their car insurance costs.  

Increasing the Outreach of the Business

In recent years, mobility has become an increasingly important concern among the general population and businesses. Websites and brands should be mobile friendly, as more and more people are accessing the web through mobile devices rather than computers. While PCs are still incredibly important, smartphones are quickly evolving to take on many tasks that a computer is capable of. By having an application developed for your insurance company, you can enable customers and potential customers to access your company through their smartphone. Mobility offers a significant advantage to companies, especially when their competitors have yet to take advantage of mobile marketing.  

Attracting Customers Who Rely On Self Service Features

Many individuals are accustomed to self-service; meaning they can handle their accounts, or finances, by themselves without the need for customer service. Generally, if a customer can alter or manage their accounts on their own through electronic means they will take advantage of this option. Since applications are in the palm of your customers’ hands, they can manipulate their account in any way they may desire, pay their bills, and view their settings or plans. This is much easier than having to call customer service or visiting the business location or local branch. Offering these self-service features via smartphone applications will definitely gain your company respect points, while also catering to the needs of busy customers who do not have much time to sit at a personal computer or visit a nearby location for your business.

Building Trust within Customers and Potential Customers 

Mobile applications not only offer profitable benefits to a business, or time saving features to a customer; they also offer the chance for customers to gain respect for the business while also building a sense of trust. Since mobile applications mean a customer can access the business or their account with the business quickly and easily, they can trust that they will be able to solve small issues or make minor changes at a whim. An application will demonstrate that your business has a desire to keep your customers happy where ever they may be; along with encouraging them to access their account or your brand at any time. Take into consideration that applications must be downloaded to the device, and will stay there until they are uninstalled. 

This means customer loyalty heightens, as they will continually be exposed to the application when using the device.

Mobile applications are only skyrocketing in popularity, and will not decline any time soon. As this happens, you are continually missing out on a great investment and business opportunity.

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