Comparing WordPress Themes: MistyLook Vs Vertigo

A WordPress theme can be a tremendous asset to a web site, or a great impediment to the site’s success, depending on what message the theme conveys. A theme can represent a web site to be professional, serious, well thought out and put together, or, conversely, it can tell readers that the site is amateurish, thrown together with little regard for appearance, and ultimately not worthy of further investigation. For this reason alone, WordPress themes should be carefully considered and chosen, with little weight being placed on personal preference, and the content as the main focus. 

For example, the WordPress theme MistyLook is great if your content fits it. MistyLook is best used on web sites that have a lot of blog posts, articles, or archived information to display and that falls into several different categories. The theme allows for categories to be displayed at the top of the web site and on the sidebar, so it is really useful for organizing information and posts and making it easy for the reader to find what they are looking for. An image or design can be selected for the top of the web site, and the sidebar can be customized to include categories, archived posts, search bars, customized pages, and more. If you don’t have a lot of information to display, and don’t plan on compiling very much of it, MistyLook probably isn’t the best WordPress theme for you.

If the MistyLook theme on WordPress is great for content rich blogs and web sites with plenty of reading material, the Vertigo theme is its counterpart for pictures. With a smooth, modern design and plenty of stylish lines this WordPress theme is the perfect backdrop for showcasing pictures, art, and non-print media. Even short amounts of text look good against the design of Vertigo. 

Widgets can be added to the footer area only, unlike Mistylook, this WordPress theme has little area for widgets and menus elsewhere. That is why it is not preferable to Mistylook when it comes to categorizing and presenting large amounts of text, but the simple design does make it easy to showcase a large amount of posted images, which can include short amounts of text as long as there does not need to be a lot of sorting posts into categories. The Vertigo theme is much more customizable when it comes to colors, fonts, and even images in the background, header, and footer area.

When compared with each other, Vertigo and MistyLook serve different kinds of web sites and blogs, but both present the proper image. These WordPress themes are a great step towards a positive first impression with readers, professional looking, easy to navigate, and stylish is the best you can hope for when it comes to a theme. There are certainly themes out there that are more sophisticated and come with more automated features, but you run the risk of turning readers away with too many bells and whistles. 

With a WordPress template you don’t want to overdo it any more than you want to look simple and plain. With good content and careful evaluation, choosing the right WordPress theme will be just a simple step in designing your web site. 

Article By : Lisa

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