6 Most Useful Android Phone Apps

Aren’t apps just the coolest thing? It never ceases to amaze me when I hear about a new app that I can take on the go with me. But personally, I’m just not that into playing games on my device.. I’m sure it’s fun but I get bored with that kind of stuff too easily. While I’m all for having fun, the time I spend with my nose buried behind my tablet is probably going to be spent doing something more useful. I’ll share with you here what I find to be the most useful apps out there.

I’m always doing research on different topics and frequently use Wikipedia it on my laptop. But now I can take Wikipedia with me everywhere I go. If I ever need in-depth information on a topic while I’m out, my Wikipedia app makes this possible.

Algebra Tutor

While I enjoy learning, I am no “geek”. I need lots of help with anything that has to do with math. When my handy dandy phone calculator can’t do the job, I can turn to the Algebra Tutor to help me out. The best thing about this app is that it includes step-by-step solutions if you get a problem wrong.  This is a must have app for those trying to pass pre-algebra or algebra!


This app (by Google) is one I use almost every single day. By far the best navigation system I’ve ever used. The navigation app can find everything, from small establishments in the middle of nowhere to anywhere else you need to go. If you’re getting sick of your GPS being unable to find your destination then it is probably time to upgrade to the Maps app.

Tourist Language Learn and Speak

If you travel a lot of places you’re not only going to need a good GPS to get there, you’re going to need help communicating in the native tongue as well. The app allows you to translate the most useful phrases from one language to the next. Just type in what you need to say and the app does the rest of the work for you. 

Map my Run

For the avid runner those who run casually or the ones who enjoy a walk, this app fits the bill. Take your smartphone with you and it will do the work for you. You can start recording your work out at the beginning and it will record your average speed, your distance and route. You can save the work outs and compare and connect with other runners as well.

Lose it

Trying to lose weight? Whether you need to shed a few pounds you packed on during the winter or you have a larger goal ahead of you, Lose It is your go to app. Record what you eat and the calorie count will pop up.  It’s hard enough to focus on losing weight and working out. If you don’t want to added work of counting all your calories, download the app that will do it all for you. Join others on there for motivation as well!
Article By Claire
Claire is a stay at home mom that works as a writer from home.To protect your phone on the go you should purchase one of the cellular phone faceplates or LG faceplates. Please visit Lower Price USA for a variety of faceplates.

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