4 Tips for Successfully Landing a Guest Blog Post

When working in the Internet Marketing industry for as many years as I have, you learn a thing or two about the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to apply in order to gain results and traffic in the search engines. And landing guest blog posts is one way to creating a name online while promoting your website or company.
Guest blog posts are a great way to get back links from other relevant, high ranking blogs. Not only is this association beneficial for bloggers who don’t have their own blogs, or who are just starting out—it also lets you connect with so called industry experts who are already established online, and lets you optimize on their high user traffic and search ranking. However, look at is as a win-win situation for you as well as the blogger and the webmaster (or owner of the guest blog) as well. 
 While it helps you establish a reputation online—it helps the guest blog owner or webmaster get fresh, unique, quality content and topics for their blog that their readers might otherwise not experience from them alone.
If you’re new to guest blogging, or if your blog needs a much needed boast in the search rankings, guest blog posting using the following four helpful tips, might help you gain the recognition you deserve online.
1. Showcase your best content
Don’t think for a second that the webmaster of a quality blog will post your spammy article. It’s imperative to remember that through your guest post dealings you are showcasing your expertise, professionalism, and reputation. That’s why quality content is expected if you want to be published by a high ranking guest blog. So make sure you put your best foot forward by focusing on quality content. Strip the marketing pitch and multiple links from the body copy. Also ensure the post has zero spelling and grammar mistakes.
2. Unique ideas will get you published
There are thousands of blogs spewing the same old content to online readers, and chances are they’ve read it and are looking for something fresh and new. So take the time to read the blog you’re pitching. Focus on any reader questions in the blog comments and use this as an opportunity to showcase your expertise by answering them. You can also take a topic they’re familiar with or passionate about and challenge them to view it in a new, maybe somewhat controversial (without being confrontational) way. A humorous personal anecdote on a topic they are familiar with usually does the trick as well. Chances are if your blog article focuses on a fresh, well researched, well written topic, you will gain readers’ attention—and maybe be asked to post again in the future.
3. Do the footwork
And by footwork I mean do your research on blogs for pitching. Remember you want to pitch blogs with high search engine rankings as well as high traffic (maybe both if you can get it). This is your opportunity to connect with blogs that are already established. So don’t waste your time pitching blogs that:
  •      Aren’t relevant to your niche audience
  •      Aren’t established
  •      Don’t have a good reputation
  •     Don’t have good web traffic
  •     Don’t have excellent page rank
4. Keep a record of pitched blogs and archived guest posts
It’s embarrassing and, not to mention, unprofessional, to double pitch a blog when you’re already done so. It makes you appear unorganized and forgetful in the eyes of the so-called experts in your online realm. You don’t want that do you? This is the reason I created a record of the blog’s I’ve pitched. I use a simple Excel document to keep track of all blogs that I’ve:
  •      Pitched and published an article with
  •      And the blogs I’ve pitched that didn’t accept my post
  •      Unresponsive blogs
This way I know who to follow up or pitch again, and who not to waste my time with. This is also helpful if I have blogs left that haven’t been published yet. So I can re-pitch these to other interested webmasters in the future.
Article By Caeden M MacGregor

Caeden M MacGregor who is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a Vancouver internet marketing company that specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques.

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