What is Siri Saying and Things You Need To Know

The world waited with bated breath before the release of the iPhone 4S into every notable mobile phone shop on the planet. Well, it seems like the world is still waiting but in a different way. SIRI, the personal assistant aka artificial intelligence which is a unique feature of the iPhone 4S responds to questions asked by owners of the iPhone 4. However, sometimes what SIRI responds back with is not all what the user expects. In fact, many of these responses are quite hilarious and have found their way online as a great source of entertainment. For everyone is still waiting, waiting to see what SIRI is going to say next.
One website, is providing a great deal of humour for people, even those that do not own an iPhone 4S. This site is called “What is SIRI saying.” They allow site visitors to pose questions that can be asked of SIRI. These are then asked to see how SIRI responds. A wide range of topics have been asked to SIRI and she comes up some interesting answers.

In regards to music, SIRI was given a statement inspired by Elvis Presley’s hit, “Suspicious Minds”. The user quipped, “We can’t go on together with suspicious minds.” To this SIRI responded, “I suppose you can’t”.

SIRI was also asked about the holidays. The user wanted to know if Santa was real. SIRI provided three responses. The first stated that “Santa Claus is as real as you wish him to be. If you believe in him then he is real”. The second response gave information about the name Saint Nicholas. The third response said “Santa gives gifts to children, therefore he is.”