WordPress or Blogger: Which is the Best Platform for Beginners

WordPress and Blogger are the he two major blogging platforms to blog upon. It is always a confusing part to choose the right blogging platform for our needs.
The blogging platform that we opt for is an essential part of our blogging business and it plays a vital part on the long run. Well, choosing the right blogging platform isn’t an easy job, but if proper research is done, then you can take your decision quite effectively.   
I feel that both the blogging platforms are great and helpful as well and if when we compare both the blogging platforms, then both platforms are splendid in their own rights. Firstly, we would be highlighting pros and cons of both the blogging platforms.
Let us talk about Blogger first. Blogger is probably the most popular blogging platform around the web. It is the first choice for all newbies who want to start a blog. We should be thankful to Evan Williams who is the founder of ‘Blogger’ and also the creator of Twitter. Well, since 2003 this blogger platform had been owned and operated by Google and now this is been used by incredible number of people for blogging.
Google blogger has the most user-friendly interface and any newbie can easily start a blog since the only requirement is he/she must have a Gmail account. And here you go, start adding content, doing promotion and all.
Even blogger has brought out some new updates recently in order to make it much better but still it lacks some advanced features that WordPress offers.
Let us take a look at the overall Pros and Cons of blogger.
     It is totally free.
     Easy to use.
     You can purchase your own and transfer it to your blogger blog for free.
     In-built to show visitor stats.
     Owned by Google.
     Reliable hosting by Google itself.
    Limited Premium Themes.
    Personalizing blogger blog is pretty hard until and unless you aren’t familiar with HTML.
    Commenting feature is not much flexible.
    It isn’t much flexible since it lacks in plugins.
WordPress was started in 2003 and it’s really famous blogging platform and many people prefer this blogging platform. It is a bit complex to use but still it strives to the extremely powerful free hosted blogging platform over the web.
Just checkout a list of all the Pros and Cons of WordPress hosted as start-up platform for your blog.
      It’s almost free. (Since we are not talking about self-hosted WordPress here)
      Dashboard is amazing.
      You always get access to use free wordpress plugins and themes to manage your site.
      Simple to use.
      Flexible since lots of plugins are available.
      Advanced options for SEO.
      Strong spam filtering and comment awaiting moderation process.
      Design and Style editing isn’t free.
      No third party scripts allowed which means no Adsense, Chitika, etc.
      Too many paid options/upgrades required.
Final Verdict
Now after reading Pros and Cons of both the blogging platforms, a question is still in your head i.e. which blogging platform to opt for – Blogger or WordPress? In my opinion, both the platforms are great. But if I am asked to choose anyone, then I would surely go with WordPress but a self-hosted one which has lots of advanced features, plugins support and it’s flexible too.
But for newbies who don’t have much knowledge about blogging should go with Blogger, enhance their basic skills and later on, migrate to self-hosted WordPress. Anyone who wants to start out as a professional blogger should start with WordPress.
So, what do you think folks?
Let me know your views via comments about this post. 

Article By Kuldeep
This is a guest post by Kuldeep for TechAtLast.com, a top technology blog that talks about the pros and cons of automated seo services and the best of technologies around the globe.