Top 5 Best Blackberry Apps for Photographers

Photo editing applications are must these days in smart phones like Blackberry. After clicking a photo you may need to edit or make some additional changes to the photo before forwarding them to your friends and others or publishing them on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. There are number of photo editing software available for free in Blackberry mobile. 
All these applications are quite funny and extremely easy to use. Following are the top five easy to use Blackberry photo editing applications, which can be quite helpful for both amateur and professional photographers: 

LensBoost: It is probably the most popular photo filtering software available in Blackberry these days. If you have this application you will not require cropping any photograph. You just need to apply some beautiful frames, retro or vintage filters or overlays to the photos taken by the phones with the help of this application. It will just take a few seconds to apply filters. 

Photo Studio: This application is amongst both professional and amateur photographers who want to click simple yet strong images to be processed at a single shot. It is quite possible to transform your Blackberry mobile set into a small portable photo-editing device. It allows you to share and upload the photos clicked through the phone directly from the photo studio i. e. the phone. Apart from that it facilitates you with some basic photo editing facilities such as adjusting contrast, colors, brightness etc. 

PicMix: PicMix is probably one of the biggest communities where more and more people who use blackberry and interested in photography are joining every single day.  The latest version of PicMix application, PicMix 3.2 is now probably the most requested and most fascinating software for the Blackberry users.

The most helpful feature offered by the PicMix to its users is that it offers complete support if you find any difficulty while managing this application in your blackberry mobile. All that you need to do is to send a mail to the support department of PicMix.

InstaPhoto: blackberry users can have the best Instagram experience if they have InstaPhoto application in their Blackberry mobile. It offers you a huge library where you can find 25 photo effects which are preset and include color effects, tilt shift, designer frames, custom borders etc. After developing an awesome image you can easily share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Booth: This application is in many ways similar to those photo booths where people use to go to click passport photographs of their own. The four photographs are shown back to back on the vertical strip, which is quite similar to a filmstrip.