6 Best Google Chrome Apps

The main reason for Google Chrome being an excellent browser is the apps that come with it. All of them are fun but what sets them apart is that they have balanced utility with the perfect ease of use. 
These applications are safe and can be installed to run in your browser, making life easier for you in the process. The following are the 6 Google Chrome apps you must look out for:-
Offline Gmail – In a world virtually run by the internet, being away from your mail can cause an upheaval in your life. Offline Gmail is an app that is there to help those who want an access to their mail even when there is no internet. You can actually have your entire mail downloaded into your computer and examine it at your leisure. 
The app also allows you to compose offline mails. It is very convenient for people who are dependent on Gmail but are plagued with unstable connections.

AdBlock – If you have frequented the Internet of late then you would know that all the websites have banner ads that keep popping up when you visit them. It gets annoying for the person browsing the site. AdBlock is a life saver if you are one of those annoyed people. It disables all the ads and has many other features too. You can put some sites on the exception list and even pause the app on a particular web page.

Aviary – Aviary is like a free Photoshop that is brilliant for you if you like to edit your pictures. It has almost all the great features you would require to make a picture flawless and is pretty easy to use. Apart from being free, it is also pretty compact. Of all the Google apps, this one is my personal favorite.

Write Space – If you are a writer, it is very difficult to get an environment free from distraction. Distraction doesn’t mean a quiet environment but the web distraction you face so often like losing your work because of not having a back-up. Write Space is a hassle free alternative that has offline working capabilities and is perfect for writers.

Plants vs Zombies – This very popular game is not only fun to play but it’s perfect to kill those hours on the internet that you would otherwise spend on Facebook staring at your notifications tab. You need not download it as it can be played in your browser itself. So, grow those plants and kill those zombies at your leisure with this free trial!

Cryptocat – This is supported by phones and android and is a private chat tool for you and your friends. Everyone is given a unique code to be added to the chat list and is secure and private. In short, this is a perfect way to share those secrets with your friends over the internet without downloading anything on your computer.

There are other apps like Springpad and PadMapper which are tracking/organizing apps for your documents. Once you start exploring the Chrome Web Store, you will find even more wonderful apps to install because it is a heaven for utility apps and extensions.