How Important Are The Links In The Rankings?

Links is one of the most important ways that a search engine will use to rank a website. As you know, links that come from other sites to your site are very important as well as they are highly valued by search engines because they are very difficult for a webmaster to control and manipulate the results. Search engines consider them to be genuine indicators as the true nature of the content. When search engines asses your incoming link, there are three key areas they look at. This are:-

•    Popularity – They do check the popularity of your site by checking all the sites that are linked to yours. You have to admit, this is a great way to increase traffic you your website.

Did you know that link popularity accounts for about 30% of all factors affecting your rankings in search engines? Well, this percentage will vary depending on each particular search engines degree of emphasis on link popularity. Currently, Google has put a lot of emphasis on link popularity than other sites.

•    Relevancy – Most website gets penalized because of this factor. They give links with websites that do not have the same field of content. For example, if your site is about babies and then you link with a site that provides adult content is illegal or you will get penalized. Therefore, if you decide to link with a site, make sure that the contents are relevant to each other. In other words, you should share similar subjects or keywords.

•    Link text – In any text that is used within the link that is linked to your website, it is always important to include your keywords into the text that is linked to your site. It is also important to think about the text that surrounds the area linked to your website.

Remember, if SEO is important to your website, then it is worth it to spend time and a lot of effort by increasing the number of links to your site. As you know, the only way you can do this, is by making your site greater to attract other interested website operators. You can make a list of all the sites that you would like to link with them then send them an email or letter to their webmaster. However, when you do this, expect a low response rate because many webmasters are busy people and it may take time for them to give you a reply. However, it is something to try because it will increase the rank of your site.

Did you know that there are many automate internal links with plugins? Well, they help you create automatic links. Here, are two that I regularly use:

1.    Related posts-this plugin shows a list of other posts on the same topic as my current article. This plugin has proved to be helpful because we can link both sites using external links.

2.    Cross linker- it automatically links certain phrases to URLs. Therefore, this means that it is not a must to remember. For example, let’s say you used a phrase like “coconut” in your content; it will link the phrase directly to a URL that you set directly. Remember, the URL must be for a blog that you wrote.

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