A Bundle of Thanks to the Best Cell Phone Spy

I have been doing business for many years now and I thought it was about time that I rested and let my son take care of the work. New to this field, my son knew very less about business and how to handle employees. Every now and then a few employees would come up to my son with lame excuses and take the rest of the day off work. 
Some would tell my son that they were going out due to some office related work and would not come back till the closing hours. This constant bluffing led me to install a cell phone spy in each of my employee’s cell phones and I decided to keep an eye on them from home.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is an extremely easy to install cell phone spy that gives you access to the complete cell phone records of your employee. It takes StealthGenie just a few minutes to get installed and it runs secretly in the background of your employee’s cell phone.


StealthGenie is compatible with the latest mobile phones out in the market. These include:
  • All the latest iPhone models including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and even the upcoming iPhone 5.
  • All the Android phones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Google, Sony Ericsson, LG, Acer, Dell and others having an android operating system of 2.1 and above. Latest Samsung Galaxy and Rugby models are also included in this list.
  • All the Blackberry Torch, Pearl, Storm, Curve and Bold models having an operating system of 4.6 and above.

Marvelous features:

With the splendid features of StealthGenie, you get:
  • Full access to all the Contact numbers in your employee’s mobile phone’s Address book.
  • Full access to all the incoming and outgoing call records of your employee. You have the option to record all the calls as well if you want to.
  • Full access to all the SMS messages in your employee’s cell phone. This includes all the messages in the Inbox, Sent box, Drafts and even the deleted messages.
  • Full access to the entire web browsing history of your employee’s cell phone. This includes the Bookmarks as well.
  • Full access to all the Pictures, Audio and Video files in your employee’s cell phone.

Geo Tracking and Live Surroundings:

These two are the most amazing features that this cell phone spy provides you with. Geo tracking allows you to locate the exact position of your employee’s cell phone at any time you want. Live Surroundings lets you record the surround sound of your employee at any given time.

A genie from the lamp:

With the help of StealthGenie, I was able to keep a close eye on my employees from home. Whenever I would find an employee outside the office premises, I would call them and make sure that they were outside for the right reason. This cell phone spy is truly a genie from the lamp.