Nokia Lumia 900: Toughness and Beauty Rolled Into On

Finally, the most awaited as well as anticipated the Nokia Lumia 800 has become officially released throughout the CES 2012 in Las Vegas. HTC released the modern Lumia 900 featuring a 4.3″ AMOLED monitor as well as LTE technological innovation.

When it comes to the particular successor of the Lumia 800 you will certainly love its amazing features. The Lumia 900 has capabilities similar to 4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It comes down with 512MB Random access memory along with Windows 7. Everyone knows exactly how sharp a Snapdragon can be as a processor; this alone demonstrates that this successor the Nokia Lumia 900 can also be very powerful.

This specific device beats the precursor in terms of its show. The Lumia 900 comes in gorgeous 4.3″ AMOLED display. When compared to Lumia 900’s it has 7″ display screen this is a lot more delectable to a person’s particular colour scheme. Both the handsets talk about exactly the same eighty pixel feature.

What’s New?

If you liked the Lumia 400, I am sure that you’re going to adore this specific device far more. Featuring its elevated dimension as well as the supplement windows 7, this is competent at providing you highly detailed as well as fascinating views.

In case you are aware of your HTC Lumia 700, so as to it is extremely identical to these new Lumina. The only real main big difference is that it is pretty bigger. The particular phone’s rounded polycarbonate outer body will give you that one heft but will not give you large features unlike the new Lumina. Effectively, in your new Lumina 900 it’s not that heavy unlike those previous Lumina versions.

The Camera

This amazing gadget has a great 8MP (28mm f/2.Two Carl Zeiss zoom lens) digital camera with double Guided views. It has 28mm view that is why you’re guaranteed to acquire more good quality pictures. You will also take advantage of the add-on of a broad set at an angle 1.2MP front-facing on this cool mobile. That is truly ideal for online video shows.

Final Words

It is important that you read more reviews like this one before you hit the store and buy your first Lumina 900. It will help a lot if you will check those reviews as well as feedbacks from other customers who already bought this cool gadget. These details and info which you will get from these sources will help you decide whether this gadget will be useful for you or not. Through these reviews you will not only get to gather the feedback from customers who already bought and tested it but you will also get to gather more details and info about its features and price.

With the high powered and advanced features of this amazing Lumina 900 you will certainly get the best from your gadget. Just imagine you will certainly get the best and latest style in Nokia plus the toughness of its quality rolled into one. What could you ask for more, right? So grab it now and enjoy its cool and amazing features today.

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