Mobile Phone Handset Comparisons

Apart from making and receiving calls we’re all different in terms of what we use our mobile phones for. If you’re a huge music fan, you may want the latest features to make your listening the best possible on the move. If so, you could consider phones like the Apple iPhone 4 or the HTC Desire HD from

The iPhone 4 could be described as an iPod Touch with phone features attached so is certainly a familiar choice for music fans. This model doesn’t add anything new music-wise but it does offer in-built compatibility with iTunes, and the host of music apps and functions that go with this package. 

The HTC Desire HD is a bigger device so it may be a little big for putting into a pocket or for carrying around, but it still offers some excellent features for listening to music. It has features including SRS surround sound and Dolby Mobile to help you really get immersed in your favourite tunes. It also has good internal memory storage of 8GB which can be increased to 40GB with a microSD memory card. 

Although not the newest phone on the market it is still a popular model with music lovers. Both phones have excellent camera features with autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging and face detection – though the Desire’s camera boats 8 megapixels while the iPhone 4 is a lower 5 megapixels.

Both also offer reasonable quality video capability at 720p. For these features they’re fairly even in terms of what they can do – they’re both good phones – so your real choice will be the music playing elements.  If you’re budget conscious, the Desire HD is cheaper than the iPhone 4 but if excellent music features are the deciding factor, both phones offer plenty of options to keep you happily entertained.