PC May Soon be a Device of the Past

According to sales statistics, smart phone devices outsold PC’s in the 4th quarter of 2011 by over 100 million units despite a growth of 15% in the PC market. OnlineCasinoAustralia.com.au predicts that these statistics mark the beginning of the end for the PC as the central computing device.

The computer industry recognises the convenience of a mobile computer, with the first laptop being released in 1986. Since then smaller, lighter versions have been created to cater to the fast moving, competitive technology race. These include the Notebook and its successor the Netbook, which provide a basic, user friendly interface for those wanting to use the internet on the go.

Smart phones and tablets take this idea to the next level by incorporating the same processing power as notebooks into a smaller package. They have smaller screens and resolutions, fewer external ports, cellular phone capability and touch-screen technology, in addition to or in place of a keyboard.

The question of smart phones replacing the PC altogether has come under much debate. On the software side, PC operating systems are improving portability. For example, Google Chrome OS minimizes the need for hard drive space by relying on access to Web applications and cloud storage. This means a Netbook that is limited to a 64 GB solid-state drive has the potential to be as useful as a laptop with a 500 GB disk drive.

Where PC technology is going it will certainly evolve; it will get faster and have more capacity but will it have the innovation and enough development to compete with the smart phone? Only time will tell.

Guest Post by: Susan Hannan
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