Top Apple iPod Apps You Will Like Most

Apple is not one of those companies that would ever sit back if the company fails to deliver what is required by the users. The time taken by the company to complete the pipeline projects is not more than a year or so. This means that you think of something and Apple has it for you. 



As the users of the iPhone and the iPad got tired of the similar specs and features in the previous versions of the gadgets, Apple is now launching the iPhone 5 and the new iPad (iPad mini) with the newest OS and new features. There is a huge difference in the use of Safari and Siri in the iPhone 5 and the iPads as compared to the apps in the previous versions. 



Not only this, as the shape and the size of the gadgets have a change in the dimensions, the iPhone covers, cases and the accessories for the iPhones also will come out changed. You cannot just keep on cannibalizing the previous accessories with the new gadgets anymore. 

Apps: New apps and features in the iTunes are being populated for the gadgets to come. Some of the apps and the games that can be downloaded on the new versions of the iPhone and iPad are as follows:

Epicurious: Although, this app is made to be with the new iPod to come, but it has the features for the iPhone and the iPad mini as well. You can now use your artificially intelligent iPhone 5 and the iPad in the kitchen. Download as many recipes and cooking tips in it and you can become a good cook. Try out the new dishes the app uploads on its database everyday so you can then keep cooking continental and traditional dishes as you like them to be. 

Evernote: The app has become brighter in its features now. You can look for the PDF editor in it as well. You can keep on editing and writing down on the MS Word files with the new extensions as well.  Keep your record of the files on the iCloud and you can never lose a document.
DropBox: This app now comes in with the features of uploading and downloading songs as well. The media files can now be accessed from the iCloud from any remote location on any iOS device. You just need to remember your login details and there you will have all your data provided to you through the Apple cloud services.
Kindle: Although the Apple and Amazon are rivals, still the Kindle app is available on the iTunes store for you to download and get hands on the online books, magazines and the journals that you had all your eyes on. You can now also make sure you keep a record of the books you have downloaded and the amount of money you have spent. The app will make a record file as well with time and date when you accessed the material online.

Guest Post by: Gurwinder Singh
Gurwinder Singh is a Blogger and writes for InfozGuide – A blog based on Technology and Blogger Tips. He is an expert on SEO and in his free time likes to read about latest tech buzz and news.