How to Create Clean Coming Soon Page in Photoshop

Creating a coming soon page is a good way to keep people up to date on when your new event or website will arrive. With this article you will be able to create a clean and crisp coming soon page. With this article you will be able to create a page that allows you to add in days, minutes, and seconds, however if you do not have any form of time software added into it then it will just stick to the time you write in.
Your best bet is to do it by days, weeks, etc.

That way you can change the text every day to represent the amount of time it will be before your event happens. This article covers making a very simple but clean Photoshop coming soon page.

What you will need
Arvo font which you can get from Fontsquirrel, the Social Media icons you can get from Purty Pixels and a background pattern.

Open Photoshop
Open it up and create a canvas. Make sure you set it to 980 x 600 pixels.

Add your background
You must do this first. Add your background to fill out the entire canvas.

Add your header
Using your Avro font, you need to add your header text. You should do it in Ariel 13pt and make it bold 53pt #313132.

Blending options
Click the box to gain “drop shadows”. Set the blending mode to normal. This should be #FFFFFF. Set the distance and size to one pixel. Leave spread at zero. Set Opacity to 75%.

Set up some graphics
Use your Rounded Rectangle Tool, which you can select with “U”. Set a box to a 5-pixel radius and draw a rectangle about the size of two header letters width, and three header letters size in height. Go to your blending options and set the box as an “Inner Glow”. Set it at #FFFFFF, with a 4 pixel size. 
You then need to duplicate the layer holder two times. If you press the downwards arrow key twice then it will move two pixels per layer. Hold the CTRL button whilst you click on the holder layer. Press and hold the CTRL and press T to resize the boxes. You want a rectangular box on top of two smaller ones so that it looks like papers being stacked as you look at them from the top.

Duplicate your boxes
Do this with CTRL + G and duplicate your box four times. Then place them spaced evenly in a line. You should now have a header at the top, and four boxes below it.

Add text into the boxes
Use Ariel in Bold at 13pt #598fa6. You can write something such as days, months, years onto the boxes. Above each you should write numbers to represent how long the “event” will be. You may also do it as days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Add the numbers into your text box
User Arvo for the numbers and set them at 51pt #598fa6.

There you go
A coming soon page that is clean and good looking. It is a nice way to get yourself started and if you want to add things to it later then you can do so. It may be a good idea to add a self-updating timer.

Guest Post by : Steve
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