Best Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Why do you blog? Ahhan! ,flow of questions!! But I would like to hear the answer of later question from you. I know most of you will answer it ‘Money’, and yeah, I also do blog for the same.

As a part of blogging field for quite some time, you must be familiar with the basic requirement to make money blogging. Yes, traffic of blog is what I am talking about. Though Search Engines were the best source of traffic, and it will remain the same, at least in near future, but it’s damn hard to get traffic from there.


Well, I am not here to talk about SEO or anything else, but yes, to talk about another major source of traffic; Social Media. Every web user is there in the clouds of social media, and thus by perfect social media promotion, you can get a vast traffic for your blog. Nothing simple in this tough world and so the task of getting traffic from social media. These tips can lessen the difficulty of task though.

Social Media Promotion starts from blog itself

The very first step towards the perfect social media promotion of your blog, is by providing the options to your readers to promote your blog’s content. Using the social media share plugins is recommended for the job. Though you can opt for official plugins, but better to go with third-party all-in-one social media plugins. Come on, your blog is meant to be filled with content, not plugins.

Stay Active in Social Media

Don’t make your social media accounts as a platform of blog’s promotion. If you do so, you are a spammer. OK! I would not say this again, but the persons connected to you on social media will keep saying so, and only way to shut them up is by staying active and making connection with them.

Be Patient

Social media promotion does take time to show its impact in your blog’s traffic stats. Don’t be in the misunderstanding to start receiving tens of hundreds of visitors to your blog in early days. Keep working hard and never lose your way. This is the reason that why people with Patience get success in social media promotion while others don’t.

Social Media is Wide, Explore it

Promoting your content on Facebook, and claiming it as social media promotion? You seriously need to explore the social media. Facebook is only one part, many others are waiting for you. The sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon are having a huge user base which includes the people who might be interested in reading your blog’s content. Your poor definition of social media is making you loss a wide range of traffic. Change your mind, include some big names with Facebook in your social media world, and let the magic begins. The magic of huge traffic count. Did you expect any other magic? Poor!

Reading these tips and then going away is not gonna help you. Only Practical work only. Do implement the tips right now!

Guest Post by : Harsh
Harsha is a Web developer and passionate blogger. He writes about seo, blogging, wordpress tips, wordpress seo, wordpress optimization and other wordpress related articles on his Go Harsh! Blog. He helps newbies in understanding basics like what is wordpress , blogging, seo and group text