Setting Up and Using Group Texts for Your Charitable Organization

Texting is becoming more popular than ever as a preferred manner of communication and in many ways, it has a language all its own. It’s a great way to reach people with quick questions or just to stay in touch, but if you run a charitable organization, then sending a group text can actually help you to not only drum up more donations, but it can also spread the word to others about your cause with little to no cost to you or the organization. Even if you don’t know much about texting, setting up group texts is simple and has many benefits.

The basics of setup

Before you can set up group texts, you must have an SMS, or short message service with which to send the texts to those who have opted to receive them. There are services like these available through your existing cell phone provider, but there may be an extra charge. If you want to have this service for free, you can use a service online, such as Sendhub, which will assign you a second phone number.

This service is free depending on how many people you want to contact at once, and you can use the phone number in order to send and receive texts for the organization. This will streamline things too, since calls and texts about the charity won’t be coming to your personal phone number and disturbing you day and night. Once you register for the service, you can add as many people as you like to receive your group texts.

Using groups

One of the greatest advantages of a service like this for your charitable organization is that it gives you an edge when it comes to improving communication with both those who donate and those who give their time to the charity. Many services that offer this kind of texting allow you to have more than one group set up so that your texts about meetings and projects are not revealed to those who have signed up to receive updates about the charity itself. This way, you can send texts to either those who work with the organization and keep them in the loop or send them to those who might want to know about a fund raiser that’s due to start the next week. Not only does this improve overall communication, but it ensures privacy as well.

Send information as it happens

When it comes to charitable organizations, sometimes fund raisers and events are planned at the last minute to push for that final goal or to raise money for an emergency. By setting up group texts, you can let those who donate most often know about last-minute events that are happening in their area so that you have the best chance of reaching your goals. Set up a “top 5” group of people who you can always count on for donations so that they know about your event. Group texting gives any charitable organization a communications edge that is sure to boost its donations.