The Benefits of Buying a Used Laptop

When it comes to technology, everyone wants to buy new. The new gadgets are the shiniest, the most up-to-date, the most well known. Or are they just the most advertised?
The Power of Advertising
We’re constantly bombarded by advertisements, and these days adverts are becoming so insidious that often we don’t even know we’re being marketed to. Whereas television shows are required by law to tell us when they’re advertising products; social networking sites, bloggers and forums aren’t subject to the same laws.

For example, if we particularly enjoy reading a particular blog, the owner of which expounds the virtues of a particular laptop, we may not even realize that they are being paid to sing its praises and might end up going out to buy the machine on their recommendation.

So, you can see that sometimes advertising is more powerful than we realise and reaches in places we’d least expect. New laptops are advertised a lot more than used laptops, so this is what we see when we go looking for a laptop to buy. But new laptops are not necessarily better than used laptops. In fact, used laptops can be very beneficial and there are many different types available for savvy buyers who know what they are looking for.

Why Buy a Used Laptop?
The benefits of buying a used laptop include:

  • A  more reasonable price compared to the cost of new laptops.
  • Guaranteed quality by technicians who have tested the machine before your purchase.
  • An included warranty which is similar to that of a new laptop.
  • Good return policies.
  • Cheap upgrades for both technology and software.

So if you’re thinking about buying a laptop and are wondering whether to go for new or used, ignore the advertising and trust your instincts – choose a used laptop every time.

Guest Post by : Clare
Clare writes for various technology companies. Including SCH Trade. Find used laptops for sale at SCHTrade, a fully accredited Blancco Gold Partner and premium supplier of high quality refurbished laptops and computers.