The Workings of the E-Cigarette


Please keep in mind that this article is coming from a reformed smoker of many years.  When people speak of addiction heavy narcotics like cocaine and heroin come to mind.  Very few people think about cigarettes because they are legally sold.  The truth is that cigarettes are just about the hardest thing in the world to give up.  Though the addiction is not always about the physical dependency, as there is a mental dependency as well.  That simple hand-to-mouth motion can be a hard thing to kick.  Or perhaps you had one with your morning coffee, or after lunch…these are the habits that become the most difficult to kick.  Queue electronic cigarettes.  An e-cigarette, like the one’s sold at, are smokeless and tobacco-less options to a traditional cigarette.  These e-cigarettes also allow the user to dial down how much nicotine they want to use each time, in fact they can even choose none if desired.

There are three basic components that make up any e-cigarette.  There is the cartridge that is made of plastic, and this is where the liquid nicotine is stored.  The next component is the atomizer, this is the piece that evaporates the liquid nicotine.  Lastly, you have the battery that makes it all work.  These batteries are generally rechargeable, and only activated when there is airflow.  This means that every time you take a breath the battery knows to activate the cigarette.

The costs for an e-cigarette vary, but one thing is certain, it is much cheaper over a lifetime than purchasing traditional cigarettes.  You could be spending hundreds of dollars of cigarettes each and every month, or spend a fraction of that on a device that will last much longer than a month.  Not to mention ridding yourself of that nasty smoke smell that carries a negative stigma with it.

The concept of the e-cigarette has been around much longer than you may realize, in fact the first one was being developed back in the late 1960’s.  It began to come back to prominence in the early 2000’s when the first generation e-cigarette came onto the market.  Then in the last few years the second generation model was created which utilized the new tank and atomizer technology I discussed above.

If you ‘re already a smoker and spending a ton of cash each year on cigarettes then do a little research on these e-cigarettes.  Consider the financial and social benefits of switching to a smokeless electronic cigarette.