How to Pull the Best Technology from the Crowd

The world of technology can be a bit of a jungle, with numerous markets and an extensive product list generating constant new developments.

Whether you’re buying a new phone, a DVD player or a computer, the range of features can be baffling, making it difficult to know where to compromise, if at all. Here, we take a look at a few areas of technology, exploring which are the most important features to opt for today.


Since the introduction of the HD ready TV several years ago, the battle for the number one television is no longer focused on picture quality. Everything from your entry level kitchen TV to the latest and best tv will deliver a full HD picture.

Far more deserving of your money are two things: connectivity and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency has clear advantages – lowering your carbon footprint and the size of your utility bills. When it comes to connectivity, TVs are on the cusp of something new. HDMI ports are just as important as ever, but it’s also worth looking into wireless connections and internet streaming services.

DVD Players

Whether you’re integrating your DVD player into a home cinema system or looking for a standalone, you’ll be keen to get the most from your TV. Blu Ray is an absolute must as it becomes a more affordable option, but for those looking to go the extra mile, 3D DVD is worth the investment.

A good 3d blu ray player is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the most from your television. The number of products becoming available is rising all the time and future releases will only get better.


Whether you’re keen to get involved with the new Windows 8 interface or are excited about the latest Linux distribution, today’s generation of laptops are built around the touch screen. But don’t let that lure you away from spec. Whatever you’re keen to buy laptop value will always come down to the hardware.

Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors are phenomenal, with superior performance coming from both the i5 and i7 ranges. Running with high performance from very little power, they fit perfectly with the relatively new idea of the ultrabook – portable, sleek and powerful. It’s also worth looking into the resolution of the screen to ensure you’re getting full HD.