I Love My New Dell XPS 12

I’ve had the same laptop for about 6 years now, a Dell, that has lasted longer than I thought I would.  But it has been slowly fading on me for the past year and left me with no choice but to purchase a new laptop.  Since this is a once in a decade moment for me I’ve really taken my time in choosing just the right laptop.  In fact, my very first question to myself was, “do you even want another laptop”?  The short answer ended up being, “no”.  With tablets being all the rage these days I wanted to be able to swipe my fingers across the screen for some quick browsing, while at the same time I am a blogger and need a sturdy laptop with all the works.  Well it turns out that leaves me within the convertible market….and no, I am not referring to the automobile type.

Just as there is a lot of hype out there right now about convertibles, there is just as many negative connotations as well.  Let’s face it, in order to have the best of both worlds, technology can only get you so far right now.  After some heavy research, and a list of pro’s and con’s, I went to Best Buy to snag my Dell XPS 12!  Oh yea, quite sidenote, if you are wondering why I went to Best Buy to make the purchase it is because the base model (which I intended to purchase all along) is $100 cheaper there than Dell’s website….which makes one wonder why Dell would allow themselves to be undersold.  Anyways, the end result is that I get a pretty powerful laptop, with a 4 hours battery life, that sports a futuristic Windows 8 (touchscreen capability), and flips into a handy dandy tablet with a shifting screen.

Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well my handy dandy tablet feature is pretty darn cool, but the XPS 12 also weighs a shade over 3lbs.  I will say that while it doesn’t sound overly heavy, try holding a 3lb. weight in your one hand for very long.  That being said, the added weight is well worth the opportunity to ditch carrying around two seperate devices, and the price tag of buying two at that.  The Windows 8 feature is about as cool as it gets too.  This allows us to basically treat our desktop like our mobile phones.  We are able to setup up simple boxed widgets and use those to access a variety of applications.  No more scrolling through unecessary droplists.  Literally, at my fingertips, I have a plethora of easy-to-tap icons of my favorite sites.  My email, bank account, and various finance tools are just a click away.

At night I like to setup my laptop in tent mode, where I pretty much use it as its own stand, and I will plug in my headphones and watch my favorite shows on Netflix.  This is my first month ever using Netflix, I know, I am a little late to the show.  But the Dell XPS 12 has a stellar 1080P 12.5″ screen for your viewing pleasure, which while chilling in bed is the perfect size.  The screen clarity is better than the 720P television plastered on my wall.  This feature alone makes me happy I finally broke down and made the purchase.