Do you need an App to help you with your Budget? Yes, you do

One of the best things that you can do financially is to set up a budget and stick to it. That, however, is easier said than done. Many people start out with the hope of finding out where they are wasting money, spending less and  stuffing as much cash into their savings and retirement plans as possible. For the first few days, weeks and even months (although months is stretching it) they use their new budget but then slowly stop using it, either because it’s too unwieldy to use, inconvenient or confusing. It’s a shame to because a budget is one of the really vital tools that any person needs in their financial toolbox. Without it, it’s like trying to hammer a nail with a tape measure.  (For those of you that aren’t versed in hand tools, that would be extremely difficult to do.)

Today however we have will all been given a new tool that can be easily adapted and used to keep track of budgets big and small. That tool is the  iPhone, the mother of all smartphones and one of the coolest electronic gadgets on the planet. If you have an iPhone and you’re keen on making (and sticking to) a budget,  your iPhone has many apps that can help you do just that. With that in mind we’ve put together a blog about some of the best iPhone apps for budgeting that are available today. Take a look at them and choose what looks best to you but keep in mind that, once you have a budget app on your iPhone, you won’t have any excuses left to not stick to your budget. (We’re just saying.)

With an absolute ton of excellent features including a built in check register, an online backup and a budget tool tracker that’s one of the best on this list, iReconcile is an excellent app for staying on top of all your personal finances. With the iReconcileapp  setting up a personal budget is quick and easy. When you start you will be given plenty of options on which categories and subcategories should either be included or excluded, making the app much more customized to your needs.  One of the best things about it is its rollover option, a feature that will let you roll your remaining funds from this month’s budget over into next months  (and you don’t even need to do anything!).

The Expenditure app has nearly effortless way to add new transactions as well as letting you take a look at the allotted amount of money that you have to spend as you go. Another nice feature is that when you add a new transaction Expenditure will give you options to include a picture or a quick note, allowing true customization flexibility that many budget apps don’t offer. With a built-in currency converter is also makes it very easy to stay on budget when you’re traveling out of the country on vacation or for business.

While it may seem simple on the outside, MoneyBookis a budgeting app that is truly packed with features and even some surprises. If you’ve just made a new transaction having it synched to MoneyBook is quick and easy as well as adding a note to the transaction or assigning it to a specific category. Password protection for sensitive items and options that will allow you to export your finances are also available with this excellent app.  One of the best features is likely be free cloud backup service. If you lose your iPhone or want to check the transaction but you don’t have it with you, checking what’s up from any other device is not only possible but quick and easy.

If cloud-based financial info is what you need then Toshlmay also be an excellent app for you. It is a simple iPhone expense tracking app that’s not only free but makes it easy to use your online syncing service. Literally everything that you do is synced to your cloud account automatically although you can also manually sync if you need a little bit more control. Toshl also has a number of excellent upgrades including multiple user support if you want to get the family in on your budgeting and export options for PDF, Google Docs and Excel. The app is free or you can get the updated Pro service for $29 a year.

Lastly there is Mint, possibly the best of the bunch.  As far as budget apps are concerned this one is probably the most feature-rich and well-rounded. Automatic updates about spending and transactions (it’s connected directly to your bank account) from Mint  will track all of your spending automatically, categorize your transactions and save you from having to constantly update your spending profile. Not only that but you can add any bank account that you like or even your retirement account. This will allow you to get a truly in-depth overview of your spending habits and, with their notification features, you’ll never forget to pay a bill or go over your spending limit. Even better, if there’s any suspicious transactions on any of your accounts Mint will notify you.

As we mentioned already, now that you’ve seen these five excellent  apps that you can use to keep your budget in line and your financial house in order, you won’t have any excuses left. We hope that you enjoyed this little blog and that you have found it not only interesting but educational. If you have an iPhone at least one of these excellent apps should be the right one for you. Pick one, downloaded and start using it today. Of course also come back tomorrow and regularly for more great information like this. See you then.