Phone Apps, the 8th Wonder of the World

Phone apps have become as common place as drinking water, in fact the word “application” has been all but edged out of existence thanks to its leaner competitor “app”.  While the Blackberry was undoubtedly the first real smartphone, we truly have Apple and it’s now infamous iPhone to thank for the barrage of apps we have been hit with over the past few years.  Now you have Android and Windows phones, several different operating systems, and apps to go with each one!  If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft devised Windows 8 which is a nice add-on for touchscreen computing.  Yes, your new laptops are essentially larger touchscreen smartphones for the visually impaired.  Windows 8 uses “apps” as the basis of its homescreen.  You can simply touch the icon on your screen and it takes right into your desired application.

There are some serious life planning apps out there.  Consider all the budget and financial management tools available to the average user today.  You can plan out your monthly budget with one app, and then use another to price out the best place to make a random purchase, and tie both together to see if it meets your budget.  Also, you have large banks like Chase getting into the mix and offering an app that allows you to scan checks via your phone for deposit into your bank account…how’s that for convenience???  The health conscious have apps that allow them to track their diets, eating habits, and workouts on a daily basis.  In fact, some of the applications can tie all of those together and actually design a program tailored to meet your fitness wants and needs.  By and large apps have literally made our lives easier.

While there are plenty of apps for the serious-minded, let’s not forget that they started with “fun” in mind!  Angry Birds isn’t exactly a banking app!  Companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Blockbuster have apps that offer instant streaming of television shows and movies straight to your phone.  This is convenient for long car rides.  Personally I’ve always been a fan of online gambling, it’s easy when available, and allows you to enjoy the thrill of gaming without leaving the comforts of your own home.  If you’re interested, a quick search of mobile phone gaming apps should yield some desirable results of that best ones out there.  My personal favorite fun app is Flixster! Im a movie buff so I like being able to check out local movie times, watching a preview, reading a review, and ordering a ticket all from the same app.  I literally choose just about every movie I see via this application.

Whether you are the fun or more serious-minded individual, odds are that there is an application out there perfectly suited to meet your needs.  So wake up and smell the digital coffee, phones are just for calling people anymore, they serve a much higher purpose now!