10 New products that will change the world. Part 1

Technology today is moving at light speed and it seems that every week there’s a new product that comes along that is simply amazing. The 10 new products that were going to be talking about in this 2-part blog series are all ‘wow’ type of products that, as far as we can see, are going to literally change the world. From augmented reality to laser printing your own products at home, these 10 products are going to revolutionize the way we do many things. Enjoy.

1. Leap Motion. One of the reasons that multi-touch desktops failed miserably is the fact that a person’s hands got very tired after prolonged use of the product. Leap Motion plans on making things a bit easier with their motion sensor product that lets you control your desktop with your fingers without the need to touch the screen. The manufacturer says that you will be able to scroll webpages, zoom in and out, sign online documents and even play video games with only the motion of your hands and fingers. We can’t wait to not get our hands on this!

2. Google Glass. Many consumers are familiar with augmented reality because of apps that they have used on their mobile smartphones. Google Glass aims to take this simulated experience a step further by using augmented reality in their specialized glasses that you can wear like regular glasses. When you do, you’ll see social media feeds, Google maps and GPS directions as well as being able to take photographs all on a tiny screen sitting directly in front of your eyes. (Sadly there are no plans for any X-ray Google Glasses as of yet.)

3. Form 1. Imagine designing a 3-D object on your computer and then printing that object out on your home laser printing machine. That’s the idea behind Form 1 and, with absolutely no approval needed from manufacturers and no need to get a patent, you can create your own physical products with almost no limitation right in the comfort of your own home. At just under $2800 it may be a little out of reach for the average consumer but, as with most electronic devices, prices are sure to drop and, in the near future, ‘inhome manufacturing’ is sure to become a new term.

4. Eye Tribe. Although it’s an idea loved by many technology enthusiasts, eye tracking has been quite challenging to implement, to say the least. Eye Tribe has actually been able to successfully create the technology to be able to use your eyes only and control your tablet computer. By using a front facing camera and combining it with eye tracking technology you can play flight simulators and do a number of other different things simply by moving your eyes. Where sure to ‘see’ a lot of this technology in the future. (Pun!)

5. Oculus Rift. Although virtual reality as a term has been used for nearly 2 decades, there has never been a program or device that made you actually feel like you were in a computer game. Until now. With their new 3-D headset Oculus Rift gives you the type of sensory input that makes you feel like you’re physically inside of a videogame. While there are a number of high-end products on the market that are similar, the makers of Oculus Rift are offering their device for just about $300 along with a development kit.That makes Oculus Rift a virtual lock for coolest new product.

We think you’ll have to agree that these first 5 new products are absolutely amazing and will surely change the way the world sees and does things, literally. (Here at our office we can’t wait to be able to 3-D print an action figure with the likeness of our boss’s face on it or so that we can have some Robot Chicken type fun!) We’ll have the 2nd part of this 2-part blog posted in the next day or 2 so make sure to come back and have a look because the next 5 products are just as cool as these first 5. See you then!