10 New products that will change the world. Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2! In our first blog we talked about 5 incredible new products and technologies that will surely change the world over the coming years. From augmented reality glasses to 3-D laser printers that you can use at home the products that we’re highlighting are all revolutionary in their ideas and design and will literally be changing the way humans see, feel, touch and interact with the world around them. These next 5 products are just as amazing as the first 5 so, without further ado, let’s take a look. Enjoy.

6. Project Fiona. Although tablets like the iPad and others are great for playing computer games, there aren’t any tablets that have been specifically designed for hard-core gaming ability. Razer’s Project Fiona aims to change that with the first tablet that is dedicated for gaming and features the next generation Intel Core i7 processor. Built into their tablet is a 3 axis Gyro, an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a multi-touch full-screen user interface. If that doesn’t have you at least a little excited then you really can’t call yourself a gamer.

7. Parallella. Made possible with the use of crowdfunding platforms, Parallella is simply aiming to completely change the way that computers are made and offer everyone the chance to own a true supercomputer. We’re talking the kind of power that can allow for a holographic heads-up display, superfast speech recognition and real-time object tracking. At only $99 the price is definitely going to be easy for most people to get past although it’s not recommended for non-programmers. It will come with development software however so that programmers will be able to create their own personal projects.

8. Firefox OS.  Mozilla has always been at the forefront of browser technology and, with their new Firefox OS, they’ve built a completely new mobile operating system from scratch that will allow a person to use or access any of their Apple or Android products and apps with one device. Indeed, once it’s in place developers will be able to not only create their own apps but to debut them to the world without any of the problems of the numerous requirements that are usually set up by app stores. Already in use, the new operating system allows you to do all of the essential tasks that you can do on any of your Apple or Android devices such as browsing the Web, playing games, taking photos and of course calling your friends.

9. Google Driverless Car. It seems that the dream of a driverless car has been around for eons. Google, the world’s biggest search engine company, isn’t allowing people to see the artificial intelligence that’s powering their driverless car just yet but an automobile fitted with the system has already successfully driven over 1600 km without the benefit of a single human command. What Google’s AI does is utilize input from several video cameras mounted inside the car and radar and position sensors on the vehicle’s roof and hood. Company cofounder Sergey Brin is quoted as saying that the number of years that it will take before regular people can experience a driverless car can be counted on one hand. Of course, what we’re looking forward to his being able to drive while not using both hands.

10. SmartThings. Imagine being able to track who’s been inside your home, shut a window or door after you leave the house or get feedback from your smoke alarm, all through your mobile smart phone. With SmartThings you’ll be able to use every device that you own, whether digital or non-digital, and connect them together in ways that benefit you immensely. Indeed, the possibilities with this product are endless and will soon allow people to control an incredible amount of devices and products from anywhere directly through your mobile device.(If James Doohan was alive today he would love this.)

And there you have it. 10 devices or products that you will definitely be hearing more about in the very near future. We don’t know about you but we are really keen on seeing how most of these products pan out because they just to sound so freaking cool. We hope you enjoyed this 2 part blog and, if you have any questions or want to leave us a comment or 2, please do.