7 of the Coolest New Gadgets on the Market (that are Mostly for Men)

We’re big on blogs about all sorts of financial topics around here and yes, we realize that occasionally that stuff gets a little bit dry. Today, just for a bit of fun, were going to look at 7 really cool new gadgets that have hit the market recently (or will be hitting it very soon). For the most part, these will appeal to members of the male community although more than a few women will probably appreciate them also.  We’ve got gadgets ranging from video phones to wireless mice and even a Jacuzzi that will knock your socks off, all of which are cutting edge and Uber cool. Enjoy.

Do you give a lot of presentations? If you do, the IOGEAR Phaser mouse is definitely one gadget that you’re going to love. It’s basically a handheld RF wireless mouse and, because it has a 50 foot range, you can use it from practically anywhere in the room to control your computer and your presentation. Even better, if someone’s nodding off you can  get their attention (or get a good laugh out of your colleagues) by pointing out their nap with the built-in laser pointer.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in home theater and surround sound entertainment, and you also have a hankering for relaxing in a Jacuzzi, the La Scala Jacuzzi is right up your alley. Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work, slipping off your suit or dress and slipping into a bubbly, warm and relaxing Jacuzzi. Then imagine being able to watch the news, catch up on your favorite shows or watch your favorite movie at the same time. Do we really need to say anything more?

Okay, look deep into your soul and try and find your inner 10-year-old boy (or tom-boy). Now, tell that boy that you’ve just discovered the Airboard, a personal hover scooter that will levitate you a few inches above the ground and glide you effortlessly from one place to another around your place of work, around your town or, if you’re so inclined, even around your city. This is the personal transportation device that your inner 10-year-old has been dreaming about for years and could be the next revolution in personal transport.

If you travel frequently but you don’t sleep well in hotels because of your fear that someone may sneak into your room at night while you’re sleeping, the Door Stop Alarm is definitely a gadget that you want to get your hands on. Once set up, if someone tries to open your door they’ll be met with a deafening 118 dB alarm that will let everybody in the entire building know that something is going on. You can also use the Door Stop Alarm at home but, if you are doing something extramarital, we don’t want to know about it.

If you are an avid birdwatcher, wildlife aficionado or you just like spying on the neighbors (and then taking pictures of them) the PhotoViewer is a gadget that should interest you greatly. It’s basically a set of binoculars with a powerful digital camera built right in. With an 8X zoom and 8 MB of memory, anything that you’re looking at through the binoculars can be photographed and then uploaded to your computerized device of choice. In all seriousness, this would be the perfect tool if you were afraid that your wife or girlfriend were cheating on you. (We hope she’s not.)

Universal remotes have been around for quite a few years but, with the incredible advances in technology, the Kameleon Remote Control puts them all to shame. You can control up to 6 DVD players, your stereo, your satellite system, your VCR and of course your TV with this baby. When you change devices the backlit touchscreen changes as well so that, no matter which device you’re controlling, you know exactly what’s going on.

This last gadget is, in a word, amazing. It’s the Virtual Keyboard and, when you use it with your tablet, laptop or even your mobile smart phone, it will project a laser keyboard onto any flat surface so that you can have a bigger, wider keyboard that’s much more comfortable for your fingers. It’s quite ingenious and, when used with a mobile smartphone, is incredibly convenient. The applications for tablets and mobile phones with this one are practically limitless.

Okay so, as promised, a blog that wasn’t bone dry for a change. Some of these gadgets are really amazing and some of the guys and gals here are probably going to be going out and taking a look at them tonight. (we’re looking at you, James from accounting.) We hope you enjoyed our blog today and we invite you to come back for the usual dry (but incredibly important) financial information that we usually give. See you then.