The Top 10 Awesome Gadgets for 2013 (at least for now)

Raise your hand if you love gadgets! Around here we absolutely love them and, as a break from the usual informative (but relatively dry) financial information we’ve got a little treat for you, our dear readers. The following top 10 gadgets are definitely on our radar and, if you love them as much as we do, this blog should put a smile on your face and a burning new gadget need in your heart. Enjoy.

  1. Sony’s new Waterproof Android Smart Phone, the Xperia Z, is said to be able to withstand complete a submersion and water and intense rain and other wet weather. For people who lose sleep at night from nightmares about dropping their android phone in the toilet, your fears are finally over.
  2. The scary fact that super storms are occurring much more frequently all over the United States has led to development of the Eton Emergency Radio. It can warn you about upcoming storms in real time, runs on AC power as well as batteries and will even blink its LED light to warn you about inclement weather and other countries. If you live in a storm zone this is definitely the emergency radio that you’ll want to have in your emergency kit.
  3. Speaking of weather emergencies, the Spare One Emergency Phone is a great found to have during any kind. It’s built to be extremely weather resistant and waterproof, will hold a charge for a whopping 15 years and has an emergency dialing feature that lets you simply push one button to call for help. The fact that it needs one single AA battery, can be used for up to 10 hours of uninterrupted talk and has a built-in LED torchlight only make us want it even more.
  4. Are you prone to losing or misplacing stuff? If so the new I’m Here GPS Tracker will be a godsend. It’s extremely small and can be attached to practically anything from shoes to suitcases. At $160 you’ll probably only want to purchase one or two for your most important items but, once you have it, your worries about losing those items will be greatly decreased.
  5. Couples of all shapes and sizes will rejoice at this next gadget. The SleepPhone fits snugly into your ears at night and can also be used as an eye mask to keep out light. If one of you needs music and ambient light while the other needs complete silence and darkness, this very well may save your marriage and probably will cut down on arguments at the very least.
  6. This one is really cool. The Luci Lantern is an inflatable LED lantern that’s also completely waterproof, easily rechargeable and works for up to 12 hours straight. When you consider that the manufacturer, Mpowerd, will donate 12 people in a developing country for everyone and is sold, it makes this a gadget that you can really feel good about purchasing. Not only that but its extremely portable and ready to light up your night.
  7. Looking for an iPhone case that charges you phone, protects it and has a Bluetooth connected LED panel? If so, the uNu DX Protective iPhone 5 Battery Case is the gadget you’ve been waiting for. It also allows your iPhone to last up to two days on a single charge. What more could you ask for from an iPhone case?
  8. Looking for a watch that lets you make phone calls, answer them, set notifications and also replying to texts without needing to touch her phone at all? Then you need a Martian Watch, a new gadget that any self-respecting Martian (or earth man) wouldn’t be caught without.
  9. If you’re trying desperately to diet mistakes gadget is for you. It’s the Hapifork and, if you’re doing something like eating too fast or eating too much, it will vibrate to remind you to slow down, take it easy and remember your weight loss goals.
  10. Finally there’s the PowerDock 5 for iOS Gear, a gadget that lets you charge coupled devices at the same time and from the same source. If you are a ‘sapple’ for all things Apple you are going to love it!

We just realized that five of the gadgets on our list are made for emergencies, making us realize that there are a whole bunch of people scared to death about the next superstorm, tornado or hurricane. It kind of made us wonder what the heck is up with all of these crazy storms but we still love the gadgets anyway. We hope you enjoyed today’s blog and we’ll see you back here soon with the usual financial stuff. See you then.