5 Tech Gadgets for Kids Right Now

In today’s children are much more into technology then kids from just a few years ago and for good reason; there’s much more technology and gadgets today that are being developed that aim directly at kids. While we’re quite sure that there are very few children reading our blogs we know that once our readers are parents and looking for cool gadgets that will not only keep their kids occupied and out of trouble and also help them to learn and teach them about technology.

With that in mind that we’ve put together a blog today with 5 gadgets that are on the market for kids right now. You can use this info to determine what gadget (or gadgets) are right for your kids and get them something that will not only keep them entertained but also give them a leg up with school at the same time. It’s a win-win! Enjoy.

  1. Today, just like in the past, kids are quite interested in music and a great way to connect them with any music they care to listen to is with MyPhones headphones.  Available in a nice variety of different colors these safe and fun headphones, manufactured with the help of Crayola (you know, the crayon people) can be personalized with a special markers and stickers that are included. If you are just a little sick of hearing the same songs from The Wiggles, these will be great for you too.
  2. For tween’s and teens the Nook HD  is a powerful and flexible tablet which can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from reading  books to watching movies and also surfing the Internet. There are a ton of educational apps that can be used as well and literally thousands of books that can be read on this excellent tablet. The price is quite reasonable as well when compared to the iPad or even the iPad Mini and the clarity is absolutely stunning. (If you’re looking for an excellent tablet you may want to get to these unless you are willing to fight your child for it every time you want to use it yourself.)
  3. If your child already has a tablet, smartphone or other type of MP3 player than the iHome iHM61 mini speaker will be something that they truly love. Not only is it rechargeable and compatible with practically any gadget that they might have but, with a built-in LED, they’ll get flashing colors of red green blue and Amber that light up with the music as is being played. Cool.
  4. For children between the ages of 4 and 10 the Leapster GS Explorer is a fun and educational gadget that they can use to play games and learn about computers and tablets at the same time. With a bounty of games and apps that will keep your child engaged as well as educated the Explorer is also practically childproof and has an interface that is quite user-friendly. It also comes with a two megapixel camera and is very affordable, making it a great choice as a first time computing gadget.
  5. The final gadget on our list today is another tablet, the VINCI. It’s only 5 inches but it comes with an interactive touch screen and lots of flashing lights to keep the younger gadget lover in your family happy. It also comes complete with 43 different subjects to learn including social skills, math, logic and languages, among others. Children can play with other children that have the VINCI  and their parents can use a number of features that are similar to other Android tablets.

The fact is, there are plenty of gadgets for the younger generation that are making it to the market every single day. If the five that we listed here today don’t float your boat you simply need to search the Internet or go to your local electronics store to find all sorts of other choices, age and price ranges. The best thing about most of these gadgets, besides the fact that they will keep your little ones busy and out of your hair, is that they also will teach them the basics on using computers and tablets.