A Collection of some of the Best Apps for your Smart phone.

People around the world love their smart phones and one of the main reasons is because of all the wonderful Apps that make using them such a joy. There are apps for grocery lists, games, calendars, notes, news and practically anything else you can think of. (Seriously, there’s an app for practically everything!)

With that in mind we thought we’d put together a fun little blog about some of the favorite apps around here and share them with you, our dear readers. You’ve probably heard of some but we think there are 1 or 2 on here that might surprise you. Enjoy.

Evernote. You can think of this app as you are digital notebook. Whether you have photographs, PDF files, notes, audio clips or whatever, once you put them into Evernote you’ll be able to use its cool indexing feature to not only search them out quickly but access them on any mobile device you own.

Fantastical. Everyone needs an excellent calendar app and this iPhone calendar is one of the best we’ve seen. Not only is it incredibly easy to use but, instead of the usual tedious way of inputting information to the calendar, you can simply talk into your iPhone and let Fantastical do the rest. For example you can say “dinner with Barbara Monday at three at Olive Garden” and the app will do everything else. Love it!

Quip. Looking for an alternative to MS office for your iPad? If so, Quip is your app and you’ll be able to use it to create presentations, docs and spreadsheets of all kinds. Quip syncs to a desktop version and allows you to collaborate on blog posts and manage projects on-the-fly.

Dropbox. The best place to store all of your virtual files, Dropbox is incredibly easy to use and, once you’ve stored a folder on Dropbox, whether in your laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet, you’ll be able to access it from any other device, anywhere you are. Sharing from your Dropbox is easy and they give you 2 GB of storage for free. Even better, if you invite friends to sign up, you can earn extra storage.

Paper. Looking for the ultimate sketchpad for your iPad? Then look no further than Paper. One of the most fun and useful apps we’ve ever seen, Paper is loaded with brushes and pans that let you draw, sketch and make notes on virtually anything you can see on your iPad. Paper is one of Apple’s most popular apps because, simply put, it’s awesome.

The Bloomberg Mobile app. If you can’t be away from your financial information for more than a few minutes, the Bloomberg mobile app is definitely a necessity. Redesigned last year, the app allows you to view streaming finance video, gives you quick access to the information and financials of any company you’re following or invested in, and is easily customizable to fit anyone’s unique personal style.

Instagram. One of the most popular apps of all time, Instagram is a photo sharing network that allows users to easily share pictures and videos with not only their friends but their followers on all of the social networks. Not only does it make sharing easy but, with its photo editing filter tools, it turns otherwise ordinary pictures into attractive and eye-catching photos.

Vine. If you’re a video taking junkie and love sharing silly videos with your friends and followers, Vine is an app you are sure to adore. It lets you splice together video clips into a six second loop that you can edit on the spot and share to your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Is it going to cure cancer? No. Is it ridiculously fun and addictive? Heck yes!

Foursquare. This social app allows you to basically see exactly what, where and when your friends are at any time, as well as helping you to discover new and fun places to visit. Using their “badge system” you’re encouraged by your friends and followers to visit places based on their recommendations. If you hate being left out of anything, Foursquare is your app.

VLC.  This app was actually taken off of Apples App Store but it’s made a victorious return. It allows you to watch any movie, even if you didn’t purchase it from iTunes, as well as letting you watch DVDs that you’ve ripped to your computer. Even better, you can watch most through the VLC player without the need to convert them first. VLC also can sync with your Dropbox and iTunes as well as allowing you to directly download your movies through their Web server.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about these apps and that there were 1 or 2 (or more) that you thought were so awesome that you’re going to download them to your smart phone right away. Make sure to come back and visit us sometime soon for a more serious blog about the financial stuff we usually cover. (Have a little fun first. We give you our permission.)