Into Content Consumption? Check Out These Apps!

Let’s face it, there is so much content online that’s interesting, useful or just plain entertaining that trying to keep up with it all is a losing game. Keeping up with news, trends, education and important business information is vital, but tedious. The simple fact is that there’s so much excellent content being thrown onto the web every day that there’s absolutely no way that the average person can ever keep up with it all, leaving one to the question; what’s the most efficient way to keep up with and enjoy the content you want online?

Well, dear readers, we’re going to tell you so have a read of our content and find out which apps are the best for keeping up with the content you love. Enjoy.

Apps that will help you save content for reading at a later time.

If you spend any time at all online you know that excellent content can come from almost anywhere including Facebook, Yahoo, email, blogs and so forth. What makes things difficult is the fact that many of us are on different devices as we go about our daily lives, including our laptop at home, cell phone and on the way to and from work and tablet in between. The three apps below help you to save content, read it when you like and then share that content whenever you like as well, from whatever device you happen to be using.

  1. Instapaper is an app that will take an article and strip it down to its core body text (and images) and save it for you in a neat and tidy reading list for later
  2. Pocket (known earlier as Read it Later) will save your YouTube clips and other videos for watching later
  3. Readability is an app that is more focused on journalism and will  help do pretty much the same as the first two

Apps that will help you keep up with your important Feeds.

Google Reader used to be the preeminent tool for not only tracking headlines but also RSS feeds. It’s dead now but there are a lot of apps that have sprung up in its place and the 3 below are all standouts.

  • LinkedIn Pulse – If you like graphics and news, you’ll love Pulse. It’s like being at a  newsstand in the subway.
  • Feedly – This one is quite eye-catching we have to admit and it also is quite adaptable. You can either get your feeds as thumbnails or plain text.
  • Digg Reader – One of our favorite newsreaders, Digg gives you a balance between user helpful features and minimalistic style.

Then there’s Flipboard,  the app that takes all of your links, rants and re-shares from Facebook and Twitter and put them all together for you in one place. Not only can it find your Facebook cat photos but it can also take articles in from other sources to give a bit of sobriety to your otherwise reality-addled links.

The majority of these apps can be found on both the iOS and Android platform and, as we mentioned above, will help you to keep on top of all that important content that you’re missing out on because your life got in the way.