Five of 2014s coolest Gadgets

Just for a little bit of fun we thought we bring you a blog today about 5 of the coolest gadgets that are either coming soon or are already here for 2014. If you like gadgets as much as we do around here, you probably have seen one or two of these already because, frankly, they’re all just super sweet. Enjoy!

The 3 Doodler.  Initially funded on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, this 3-D hand-held pen-printer allows you to actually make things as you doodle, literally. You turn the pen on and as you follow patterns or create in space, the object that you doodle is actually made. It’s not as good as what you can make with an actual 3-D printer but, for $99, it’s an amazingly fun little gadget and a real hoot to play with.

The Mophie Space Pack. With all the smart phone accessories flooding the market, it’s rare to find one that really captures people’s attention. The Mophie Space Pack is an iPhone 5 or 5S case that will charge your phone with additional battery power, add storage to the tune of 32 GB and let you drop your videos, pictures and documents right into storage. It also lets you play your videos too. Add to that a beautiful design and very little weight and you got a real winner.

The LG Curved TV. One of the biggest gimmicks of the year is the curved TV screen and, frankly, it was getting a little bit too much until LG showed off their 105 inch OLED 4K TV. It’s absolutely gorgeous and massive and, although it won’t be hitting store shelves anytime soon, it’s one of the most immersive and interesting TVs to come along in quite some time.  Unlike most curved smartphones that we’ve seen, the curve on the LG feels completely natural and asked the  user experience.

The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. Most smartphone manufacturers these days save flagship device unveiling for their individual press events.  Sony however introduced their new Xperia Z1 Compact at the CES this year, in what looks to be one of the best smartphones they’ve made in years. It has an excellent camera and a form-factor that’s very accessible, two things that could just make it the early front-runner on the Android scene this year if it actually makes it to the US market.

The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector. Sony has another exciting and relatively unusual gadget that they are coming out with this year, the Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector. It sits extremely close to the wall that you projected onto and the picture is amazingly sharp and clear, something that tells us that not only is the future of  projectors getting extremely interesting, the future for TVs as a whole is getting interesting as well.

The Pebble Steel Smartwatch. If you’re looking for a smart watch that will have strangers staring at your wrist while you’re taking a walk down the street, the  Pebble Smartwatch is the you watch you need. It was on quite a few “Top” lists in 2013 and the new 2014 model has been updated with new tech as well as a number of changes that make it look absolutely fantastic. Pebble might just have a watch for the mainstream with this one.