Sony’s got a Stunning New Smartphone and Tablet

The Mobile World Congress has just begun in Barcelona, one of the biggest exhibitions of new technology every year, and the newly announced Z2 smartphone and tablet from Sony has already wowed quite a few people at the show.

While the electronics giant has certainly lost a bit of ground over the last few years, there can be no denying that they make gorgeous devices and these are definitely no different. In fact, their smart phone is possibly one of the most beautiful that’s been shown at any tech exhibition in ages. It comes with a beautiful and bright 5 inch display with metal sides and a glossy glass back.

Even though it’s quite large it’s also surprisingly light and quite thin,  two qualities that somehow make it seem not quite so big it when it’s in your hand. Their 10.1 inch Z2 tablet is the same, showing that Sony has gotten thin down to a science.

Of course a smartphone or tablet that’s thin is only part of its appeal and, unless it can actually do something impressive, it really doesn’t matter. Luckily, both devices are quite impressive and people at the  Mobile World Congress got a chance to see exactly what they both can do as Sony had a number of them spread out around their demo booth.

One of the most impressive displays that they actually had at their booth was the centerpiece, in which both the smart phone and tablet were being sprayed constantly by water fountains and kept on functioning.  This was really something and, considering that most smartphones and tablets costs quite a bit of money, it’s nice to see a manufacturer putting some thought into making them able to withstand what life is going to throw at them.

Surprisingly, they’re smart phone is also able to capture video in 4K, a new standard that’s ultra-high definition and emerging just recently on a number of new televisions. Another surprise is that the Z2 itself actually can’t handle ultra-high definition but, if you plug it into a 4K TV, it shows  off the new def very nicely. Sony of course had a number of 4K TVs at the show to make their point. While the average consumer won’t be getting a 4K TV in their home anytime soon, it’s nice to know that Sony’s devices will be ready when they do.

Both devices feature Sony’s digital noise cancellation so that they are able to better deliver audio and noisy places and both are due out in March of this year.  If you are looking for a new smart phone that will definitely have people ‘oohing and aahing’, this may be the one to beat.