Secret Tricks that your iPhone ear bud headphones can do to make your life easier

The iPhone ear bud headphones are one of the most popular features of the ubiquitous smart phone and can be found  in the ears and around the necks of millions of people worldwide. They’re sleek, sharp looking and, while they don’t seem to be much different from your average ear buds, they actually can do quite a few different tasks and tricks.

In fact, they can do quite a few things that most iPhone owners don’t even know they can do. For example, did you know that you could use the in-line volume control to actually snap a “selfie”?  It’s true and with a little bit of help from something to prop it up, it actually makes taking pictures of yourself a lot easier (if you’re so inclined to do that, of course).

Of course the in-line volume control can increase and decrease your volume while you’re listening to a song or to a conversation, but did you know that while you’re in iTunes you can also;

  • ·         Press the center button in order to PLAY  a song
  • ·         Press the center button again to PAUSE a song
  • ·         Double-click the center button to SKIP to the next song
  • ·         Triple click the center button to GO BACK to the START of a song
  • ·         Triple click the center button again to Go Back to the PREVIOUS song
  • ·         Double-click the center button and hold it down on the second click to Fast Forward a song. (When you’ve  reached the part of the song you love, release the button)

We’re willing to bet that you didn’t know at least half of those features and, right now, you’re probably saying to yourself “oh my gosh, that’s awesome!”

Well how about this one; if you use Siri a lot on your iPhone, and you usually talk to your phone in order to get “her” to respond, all you really need to do is press the center button for two seconds and she’ll respond every time.  It’s like ringing the dinner bell, except that Siri comes calling!

There are a few other things that you can do with your  iPhone ear buds when you’re receiving a call too,  including;

  • ·         Pressing the center button to  Answer
  • ·         Pressing the center button again to all Hang Up
  • ·         If you ‘re receiving a call that you don’t want to take, you can simply press and hold the center button for 2 full seconds and it will send that call directly to voicemail

And then finally, as we mentioned before, you can actually use the in-line volume control to take a picture of yourself. First you need to get the camera ready on your phone and then simply tap the Volume Up button once and you’ll be ready to take a look at your new selfie.  (Just don’t forget to smile.)