Mobile Phone Apps have Changed our Lives!

Mobile phone apps have changed our lives! I know that sounds extreme but when you stop and think about that statement you realize just how true it is. From mapping our destination, to weight loss assistance, and even gaming apps, there is something for everyone out there. When smartphones first came out I thought they were unnecessary at best, and destructive to our social interactions at worst. Once people could talk, text, and check email from their phones it became apparent that most of didn’t even need to be in the same room with each other anymore, friends and family end up spending their entire lives looking down at their phones. Alas, I have long given up on boycotting the smartphone, especially since I have seen the rising number of sophisticated and user-friendly apps that are literally changing our lives.

Not more than a decade ago I would find myself reaching in the glove compartment fumbling around looking for that folded up paper map. A couple years later companies like Magellan were offering tiny little devices with built-in road maps to anywhere in the world. This seemed like a technological leap, at least until the smartphone hit the scene. Mobile apps for the smartphone did for us for free what Magellan was offering at a steep price. Today I can pop open my phone and get turn-by-turn directions to any destination I choose, and with free real-time traffic updates to boot.

Weight loss is a huge industry, between the health clubs, vitamin companies, and weight loss clinics, there are a ton of players out there trying to get a piece of the human vanity that generates billions of dollars of revenue. There is nothing wrong with being healthy, but today people have placed a great deal of importance of not only being healthy but “looking healthy”. This is why we find ourselves obsessed with Fit Bits and fitness apps like Lose It. With a small Fit Bit and a simple app like Lose It, you can design an entire workout plan and diet, and track your progress while you do it!

Gaming is another area that has been made significantly easier with the nifty mobile phone app! It used to be that we needed to travel to whatever geographical location had a brick and mortar casino if we wanted to enjoy a little poker. Now you can simply pull out your smartphone and search out the best poker apps, and presto, you can be playing Texas Hold Em’ from your bed within minutes!

Now you can plainly see that I wasn’t exaggerating at all when I said that mobile phone apps have literally changed our lives, and I think for the part, the better!