The Best Financial Apps for your Smartphone

When it comes to basic family finances and budgeting, today there is really no excuse to do them badly or ignore them completely because of the huge variety of financial apps available for smartphones. With that in mind,  we’ve put together a list of some of the best based on several criteria. Enjoy.

Virtual Wallet from PNC

PNC offers this Android app that comes with a few great features including bill pay, money transfer and remote deposits. What sets it apart from other apps however is the budgeting interface it has which is quite intuitive, makes tracking your spending simple and also makes it easy to pay bills.

Auto Loan Calculator from Xfinity Networks Apps

Fast and free, this app has a number of great features including letting you calculate loan payments as well as lease payments. It also lets you calculate loans using a number of different variables and, if you have all of the other pertinent purchase information, it will tell you what the effect of a cash rebate will have on your overall price.

Anza Money from Anza Software LLC

This powerful app lets you upload all of your bank accounts and includes income tracking, expenses for multiple accounts and customizable income and expense categories. It also gives you the ability to split expenses between different categories. This version is free but you can also get there paid version, which is quite a bit more powerful, for only $9.95.

Cashbook Expense Tracker from Frank Android Software

This app will set you back a whopping $5.99 but it’s powerful and connected to services that make it even better. The ability to export data, import data, change categories and, when you’re done, save it to a private cloud service like Dropbox make this one of the better expense tracking apps available.

Check from Check, Inc.

If you’d like to keep all of your accounts in one place, enroll and add them either with your phone or on a website, and have fast data retrieval, this is the app for you. It was set up to be more of a personal assistant than a financial tracking app and can be used to track things like your Amazon purchases, real-time updates on plane flights and cell phone usage too. It’s also got  and interface that’s easy to use. Personal Finance from Intuit Inc.

This is a free version of the popular financial aggregation site but, if you want to use it, you’ll have enroll on Mint’s website.

Debt Snowball from Double E

If you’ve got a lot of outstanding debt than the Debt Snowball app might be a great choice for you. What does is let you input your outstanding debt and then make a payoff plan that you can manage and maintain. Once you’re set up you’ll see how long it will take you until your debt is repaid. This is a great app for people with a lot of student loan debt.

AllPoint by LocatorSearch

If you hate paying for ATM fees than this is your app as it will tell you where an ATM with no or low fees is located and even give you directions on how to get there.

Key Ring Reward Cards & Coupon by Mobestream Media

This free app lets you store all of your loyalty cards in your smart phone, as well as displaying sales, coupons and tracking loyalty points.