3 Athletic Watches: Sync your workout to your gadget fix

Whether you are running a marathon or just going to kickboxing class, athletes need their gadgets to make working out and feeling great fun and easier. From training assist watches to ones that offer the ultimate water resistance, Sports Authority, has the best sport watches covered.

The Garmin Fenix 2 Training Watch is ideal for multi-sport athletes. It packs tons of tiny information into its small frame to keep track of workout information, for activities ranging from running and cycling, to hunting and fishing.  The Barometric Altimeter provides essential elevation data, and has a three-axle compass so you will never be lost during a workout. It is also compatible with your phone to send you smart notifications via email and text.

The TomTom Multi-sport GPS Watch uses a high resolution display to show running, cycling, and swimming stats clearly, and on an extra-large screen. The watch comes equipped with graphical training modes that include Race, Goal, and Zone to add some extra motivation to any workout. The watch’s one touch controls make it user friendly and built in sensors track your arm movements, heart rate, and speed. QuickGPSFix and Bluetooth technology is included, to find your location instantly, and so you can sync and share data through multiple compatible running sites and apps.

The Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS watch lets you stay on top of your workout through two- interval settings that allow you to regulate your workout based on distance or time. The Timex has 6 hours of battery life powered with a lithium-ion battery. It can hold memory for up to 10 past workout sessions and provides automatic pace alerts during your exercise. It has water resistance up to 50 m and contains an INDIGLO night light. The stopwatch with a 99 lap counter and GPS chip that provides speed, distance, and pace is sure to keep you on top of your goals.

With these watches, you will never have to interrupt a crucial training session or workout again, either to track your progress or for technical difficulties. Let these gadgets lead you through a seamless workout and help you reach your own personal goals through easy tracking and high-quality displays. With these watches you can get the most out of yourself and your workout.