How Do I get a Tax ID Number for My Small Business?

If you have a business that sells online or brick & mortar, you will probably need a tax ID number. This ID will enable you to pay taxes to the state for products you’ve sold through your business, and it will also help you to collect sales tax. This number is different from an EIN number (employer identification number) and is required in every state. Don’t worry, tax ID numbers are fairly simple to obtain and below, we will show you how to get through the paperwork

How to Obtain a Tax ID for Your Small Business

Step 1: Open your favorite search engine and look for your state’s website. Click on the section for people who have businesses in their home state.

Step 2: Select the hyperlink that says “Payments & Taxes”, it may be worded differently depending on your state. Navigate to the forms and documentation that will need to be filled out.

Step 3: Download the form(s) you need and print them out, if required. There are states that offer the option to fill out documents online. Some states require you to register your business with the state prior to obtaining a tax ID number.

Step 4: Read and understand the small business federal tax ID number application. Fill out your social security number, business name, owner(s), address, telephone number and all information that your state requires.

Step 5: Have Patience. The state receives many requests that they need to process. It’s a waiting game and you’ll have your chance to show due diligence. Within a few months of waiting, you should receive a confirmation in the mail and even a certificate to show your small business tax ID number.

As you can see, getting your Tax ID number is simple. Visit for more.