Your Guide to Free Trading Tools

If you are new to day trading, you will want to find and utilize the best in free trading tools the internet has to offer. The good news is there are A LOT of useful, free tools out there. The bad news is there are a lot of bad free tools or even worse what we like to call “fake free” tools. Fake free tools pretend like they are free but they are really useless and are only sales gimmicks to get you to buy an expensive tool. For that reason, we decided to have a countdown of three of our favorite free trading tools.


Bet you did not see that one coming, did you? Facebook is great for news and stocks tips. We recommend, if possible, setting up an account just for trading so you can follow only pages and people who are providing relevant and timely stock information. One of our must follows is Warrior Trading on Facebook has daily stock tips and insightful daily recaps. Warrior Trading’s Trade Alerts have saved us all more than once.

MarketWatch’s News Viewer

News is where the money is at. You need to know what is happening on the stock market and you need to know it in real time. MarketWatch’s News Viewer is a great online streaming news portal. You are only going to be as good at day trading as your news source. If your news source is slow or behind, you will be too slow to really cash in on great opportunities or even worse you will miss the “sell” cues that make the difference between a phenomenal day and an average day.

Warrior Trading’s Free Chat Room

Warrior Trading’s chat room sets the bar as far as the best trading tools are concerned. The members are friendly and helpful to newbies but are also experienced and provide a wealth of knowledge about trading strategies. Here is the landing page for the chat room: Getting started is easy on this platform and before you know it you’ll go from being one of the new kids on the block to a successful, seasoned day trader.

These are three of the best trading tools for day traders that you will find on the internet and BONUS, they are all absolutely free. Now get out there, start day trading, and make some money. What other free day trader tools do you depend on? We would love to hear all about your favorites in the comment section below. Best of luck out there.