Savings Have Gone Digital


In this day and age extreme couponing has taken on a whole new meaning. Did you ever happen to watch aforementioned television show on TLC? These people were brick and mortar shoppers. Meaning, they took a wad full of coupons with them to the local grocery or retail store and went nuts trying to obtain as many items as possible for as little out-of-pocket cost as they could. Pretty cool for a television show that is aimed at entertaining the masses, but also not so glorious in real life. These people had to literally dumpster dive for disregarded newspapers and circulars in order to get their hands on these coupons. Yeah, those old school coupon clippings! If you have to buy 1,000 newspapers to get 1,000 of the coupons you want then chances are you wouldn’t save any money. You need to be craft, and apparently a little disgusting, to get your hands on that many coupons. It was only a matter of time until coupon clippings caught up with the digital age.

These days you have sites that load you up with all the discounts and savings that you need. How many people do you know that have used Groupon or Living Social? Probably far more than you know that are still clipping coupons and saving them in neat little organizers. First off, buying online tends to save you more money regardless. You can price compare from the comfort of your easy chair with the use of a laptop and internet connection. No need driving across town and trying to find a parking spot at a dozen different stores and outlets. Likewise, you no longer need to check your local newspaper for the latest coupons on your favorite items. Simply visiting sites like Coupon Sherpa and Groupon can provide you with all the discounts and savings you need.

Don’t forget, sites like Amazon started out as book resellers. Now they sell everything and anything across the globe. People often think of online purchases in terms of saving on the big tech items, like television and computers. But now you can buy and save money on groceries, prepared meals, and even fitness classes. Buying and selling online has gone from only the intangible items to literally everything. You can even buy experiences! Perhaps a night out at your favorite club, a backstage pass to your favorite band, and even deals on a last minute cruise.