What a Headhunting Firm Can Do For Your Business

When you’re running a start-up, you need the best talent to help grow your business. In the early days, it’s ok to have a small team with a tunnel vision focus on the product or service that will be your business’ USP, but when you get some significant funding, and start to enjoy some success, you need a proper team of Executives. They’re not just there to oversee your business and boost your productivity. Having experienced Execs in place is a confidence boost to your investors and to your clients that can have an effect far beyond easily visible bottom line.

You need to find the right people though, and before you’ve had the chance to really establish a reputation, they won’t beat a path to your door. Recruiting for Executive level positions is always  high risk/high reward, with the harm a bad hire can do outweighing the benefits of a good one, and to make sure you’re making the best choice you need a spread of candidates and insight into the job market.

Working with Executive Headhunting firms is a great way to get access to this insight when you really need it. A good Headhunter doesn’t just have a network of contacts who excel at their roles and are looking for their next challenge. They also work with your company to advise you on exactly what you should be looking for, and to get a deep understanding of your company’s culture, so the candidates they send you aren’t just a good fit on paper, they’re exactly the right candidate for you.

It’s worth putting in the time to find the right firm. Many specialise in a particular niche, so finding some that concentrate on your sector is a good start but there’s more you can do to assure yourself you’re working with the best.

Try reaching out to your professional network – whether your peers in business have used Executive Recruitment firms to hire new employees or found jobs through them, they’ll have some valuable recommendations. And possibly some equally valuable warnings!

When you have a shortlist of potential recruiters, do your research. Looking at LinkedIn profiles is a good place to start: if you’re looking for expertise in your recruiter you need someone who’s worked in the field for some time. If your research shows the office is mostly staffed with beginners they simply won’t have the deep networks of contacts you need to find your high level hires.