A Thorough Spring Clean

With many of us starting a new year with good intentions, one of the things on a great many people’s minds is cleaning. Given how busy people’s lives are, most only have time for a surface level, maintenance clean, while proper deep cleaning is reserved for the end of tenancies and carried out by professionals.

Whether your aim is to save money, or simply take greater care of your home, today we’re presenting a guide to conducting a really thorough spring clean of your room, flat, or house.

Clearing Space

The first thing you need to do is clear space in which to work. If you have a sizeable house and plenty of time to work with, you may be able to shift all the furniture out of a room and store it elsewhere in your home. Unfortunately if you don’t have the spare room to host all this furniture, or the spare time to complete a deep clean quickly and restore your furnishings to their usual place, you’ll need somewhere safe to keep your possessions until you’ve finished your work and can put them back.

If you look for storage London has plenty of options, and this lets you have a perfectly clear canvas to work in, without disrupting the rest of your home.

Specialist Equipment

If you’re trying to rejuvenate a room that’s been mistreated for many months or years – perhaps your home was a rental property previously with irresponsible tenants – you might well need more equipment than you have in your cupboard.

The carpet, for example, might well be beyond the help of a normal hoover, and to restore it to a standard you’re happy with you may have to hire a specialised carpet cleaner. Try to assess the situation before you start, and judge if you will need to hire or buy additional supplies before you start.

Be Systematic

If you’re not thorough, a lot of your cleaning will be simply wasted effort, as dust and dirt will remain in areas you haven’t reached and spread gradually once normal service is resumed. Work your way through the room, cleaning from wall to wall to make sure nothing is missed. Wash curtains, hoover behind furniture you cannot remove, and only after you have done that, wash and hoover your carpet – leave that until last, as that is where the detritus of your other cleaning efforts will accumulate.

As long as you plan carefully, and work methodically, your cleaning efforts will be rewarded with a newly fresh and gleaming home!