3 Things to Look For in a 3D Scan Provider

3D scanning has taken the world by storm, with a seemingly limitless number of potential applications in everything from architecture to the development of prosthetic limbs. While many businesses can take advantage of this tech, not everyone can afford a 3D scanner and printer. Other businesses may only need such devices intermittently, making the purchase of this expensive equipment a poor investment. Thankfully, there are many companies who provide 3D scanning services. When you compare ratings for a 3D scan provider, make sure they have these attributes so you can get high-quality results.


Initially,choosing a 3D scan provider isn’t that different from selecting any other service provider, in that you’ll want to examine a company’s reputation before making a selection. For most industries, part of this involves researching a business to see how many years it has been open. Since the 3D scanning industry is relatively young, however, you’ll need to focus primarily on reviews from former customers.

The internet is a great place to start your search for customer reviews, though many 3D scanning companies also list former clients on their site. Reaching out to these clients could prove extremely beneficial in learning what it was like to work with the 3D scanning team.

Service Offerings

When selecting a 3D scan provider, it is important that you fully understand which services they can perform so you can have confidence that they will meet your needs. 3D scanning isn’t a one size fits all service. Different types of scanners are required for different projects.

For example, short-range scans can capture the colors and textures of an object, while long-range scans are typically needed to capture the dimensions of a large object. Stationary objects that can’t be moved need to be scanned by a portable device — something that not every provider has.

Clear Explanations

3D scanning is highly technical work — but its outcomes and applications need to be readily understood by you, too. When you reach out to a 3D scan provider,pay attention to how they explain their services, especially details about the digitized files and the scanning process. Do they make things easy to understand? Are they willing to answer your questions? A positive initial experience typically hints at streamlined, helpful service later on.


You don’t have to invest in costly 3D scanning equipment to enjoy the incredible benefits of this technology. By finding a reputable 3D scan provider, your business can achieve the results it needs at a fraction of the price, helping you move forward in our tech-driven world.