Sony’s got a Stunning New Smartphone and Tablet

The Mobile World Congress has just begun in Barcelona, one of the biggest exhibitions of new technology every year, and the newly announced Z2 smartphone and tablet from Sony has already wowed quite a few people at the show. While the electronics giant has certainly lost a bit of ground over the last few years, […]

Five of 2014s coolest Gadgets

Just for a little bit of fun we thought we bring you a blog today about 5 of the coolest gadgets that are either coming soon or are already here for 2014. If you like gadgets as much as we do around here, you probably have seen one or two of these already because, frankly, […]

Into Content Consumption? Check Out These Apps!

Let’s face it, there is so much content online that’s interesting, useful or just plain entertaining that trying to keep up with it all is a losing game. Keeping up with news, trends, education and important business information is vital, but tedious. The simple fact is that there’s so much excellent content being thrown onto […]

The Top 3 Smart Phones This Winter

We are in the thick of the shopping season and many people are going to be buying new smart phones, so we decided to put together a quick blog about the Top 3 on the market right now. Enjoy. Frankly, there are so many excellent smart phones available that choosing the top three was actually […]

3 New Gadgets just in time for the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner we thought we’d put together a little blog with 3 cool Gadgets that will help you to throw some excellent parties, keep your guests happy and bring in the new year with a little style. Enjoy. The Instant Party Speaker Let’s face it, a good party not only […]

5 Sweet Gadgets that Make Great Gifts for Christmas 2013

If you’ve noticed that the goose is getting fat, it means of course that Christmas is coming. Unless you want your proverbial goose to be cooked on Christmas morning, make sure that you get the gadget lovers in your family something that they will truly enjoy. To help you, we put together a list of […]

You Can Finance a New iPad. The question is, should you?

The iPad is a fantastic gadget that can do all sorts of amazing things, no doubt. If you’re keen on purchasing one you’ll find that, on Apple’s website and in any Apple store, you can now finance an iPad for 6, 12 or 18 months with 0% interest. There are a lot of models to […]

Comparing the HTC One Max to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

What do you get when you cross a smartphone with a tablet? A “Phablet” of course, the latest trend in smartphones that combines a smart phone and what amounts to a very small tablet computer. These “supersized” smartphones have proven to be quite popular and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is  at the top of […]

The Top 4 Mobile Payment Apps that are Changing the Way we Pay

Although you may not have noticed it yet, smart phones are quickly transforming into the wallets of the future. Nearly 60% of all American adults now owns smart phones and almost 40% use them exclusively to surf the web. Smartphones are being used to do practically everything these days from taking pictures to listening to […]

Email Security – How to Protect your Email and what to do if it gets Hacked

Most people don’t even know that their email has been hacked until they can’t log into their account or can’t get their messages on their smart phone. Many get an email from friends and family asking if it was actually their idea to send them an email about penis enlargement products, much to their chagrin. […]